Gittings Custom Portraits Service

Do the bio photos on your website feature lawyers in front of a fireplace, bookshelf, or painted studio background with a stern look on their face? In our business, we call this the “high school yearbook look” and thankfully it’s no longer a trend.

Most law firms want their lawyers to appear confident, approachable, and like they belong to a team. They likely understand the importance of quality legal portraits but may be overwhelmed by the various style options available.

Our global photography agency has assembled the options we provide clients along with our recommendations to help you achieve your desired look.


Portraits traditionally required lawyers to look at the camera, but for a more relaxed and natural feel, we give the option of having them looking away from the camera as if they’re conversing with someone in a style we call interactive.

The interactive look is what some law firms are leaning towards. In this setting, we also recommend your lawyers wear clothing similar to what they’d wear when meeting with clients.


Your legal portraits can be taken with an interior, studio, or window background.

Window and interior environments have been most popular in recent years because it lets your firm’s personality shine through and highlights aspects of your office.

When considering an environmental portrait, it’s important for law firms to carefully evaluate the proposed “look” vs. what’s practical in their office space. There is often a disconnect between the stock photography used in a website design mockup and what can actually be created within your offices.

For more realistic samples of photography, we suggest doing a Pilot Session with Gittings Global at one of your large offices and one of your small offices. Our team will photograph some of your lawyers in different scenarios closely matching your style guide or mood boards.

Due to the trendiness of window and interior shots, some law firms are switching to studio backgrounds to stand out and because the flat panel look pairs well with interactive designed websites.

Whatever background you choose, Gittings Global has the experience to get the lighting and the other aspects consistent across multiple locations.


Aspect ratio is how the picture is oriented. Legal portraits can be shot vertical, square, horizontal, or panoramic.

Vertical is the most traditional while horizontal and panoramic are becoming more common. We recommend horizontal and square because these orientations can be cropped to show more of the subject.


Depending on the aspect ratio, photos can be cropped to head and shoulders, ½ length, and ¾ length.

A loose head and shoulders to half-length is the most popular option because the photographer can use posing to communicate the personality of the subject better.


Our agency has talented photographers in 22 U.S cities and 15 countries throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East who follow a detailed process to provide law firms with high-quality and consistent legal portraits.

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