Gittings Global Photographer Conference

Louisville, Kentucky • January 24th-27th, 2024

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2024 Photographer Conference Info Hub.

The team is busy planning the conference, and we look forward to seeing you all soon. For starters, this will be your resource for all conference-related details.

Hotel Distil

101 West Main Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202

Booking Flights

Once you book your flight, please send details to Debra Benton at

Questions? Contact

To reduce travel expenses, a list will be shared with everyone attending to coordinate ride-share options to/from the Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport (SDF). Don’t hesitate to reach out to other attendees to see if you can share a ride.


We have prepared a couple of days packed full of activities designed to elevate your photography business and expand your skill set. Meet new friends and reconnect with colleagues, pick up new tools to serve clients better, and train in areas that matter to you and your business.

Please use the agenda below as a guide to assist in planning your food and entertainment on evenings outside of group events hosted by Gittings Global.

We ask that you adhere to business casual attire while at the Gittings Global Photographers Conference.

You will be reconnecting with old colleagues and meeting some new faces. Click here to familiarize yourself with Conference Attendees.


Our friends at TetherTools have generously provided us with a discount code for the Gittings event. Attendees of the event can use GLOBAL10 at checkout to get a 10% discount purchasing on the TetherTools website.

Wednesday, January 24th

4:00 PM: Event registration in Cask Room – Ground floor behind the lobby in Hotel Distil

5:30 PM: Opening Night Reception/Dinner (829 W Main St, Louisville, KY 40202) – Frazier History Museum

Thursday, January 25th

 Breakfast on your own with a voucher provided by Gittings

Meeting Location: Ballroom C – Ground Floor

8:00 AM Gather and Coffee
8:30 Welcome by Sam Schultze + Staff Introductions and Photographer Icebreaker
9:30 State of the Agency with Greg Lorfing
9:45 Gittings Team Overview from Sam: Roles & Responsibilities, Who to contact and how to get in touch
10:15 Break – 15 minutes
10:30 Operations Roundtable: Photographer, Customer Success, Digital
11:00 Sales & Marketing with Barry Benton and Yusra Jafferany
11:30 New technology sneak peak with Jon Rauschenberger
12:00 PM Lunch on-site
1:00 Demo a real session with Michel Leroy and Yusra Jafferany
1:30 20-minute Breakouts:
1) Lighting and Support Plates with with Kat Mueller
2) Tether Software and Backups with Michel Leroy
3) Posing Strategies and Interacting with Easy and Difficult Subject with Sam Schultze
2:30 Operations Follow up – The last click is the first domino, session reports, lab orders, retouching, delivery, billing etc.
Friday Preview
3:00 End of Day
Dinner will be on your own – There are recommendations for Whiskey Tasting and Restaurants in the Louisville Events & Activities section.











Friday, January 26th

Breakfast on your own with a voucher provided by Gittings

Meeting Location: Ballroom C – Ground Floor

8:00 AM Gather and Coffee
8:30 Welcome by Sam Schultze
8:45 On-set Banter and Posing with Phil Adams
9:00 Breakouts (3 groups- 20 minutes each)
1) Standard Studio Gray/White Setup with Joanne Smith
2) Environmental Set and Plates with Justin Leitner 
3) Photographing Groups with Rick Bettinger
10:00 Taking command of showing images with Phil Adams
10:15 Break – 15 minutes
10:30 Operations Review: What works and what slows everybody down
11:30 Group Photo with Rick Bettinger – Everyone should be in the shot!
12:00 PM Lunch on-site
1:00 Photographer Spotlights: Mike Rivera with Q&A
1:30 Photographer Spotlights: Jeremy Ives with Q&A
2:00 Photographer Spotlights: Joanne Smith with Q&A
2:30 Break – 15 minutes
2:45 Push into Video with Jon Rauschenberger
4:00 End of Day

Group Dinner at Hotel Distil





Saturday, January 27th

Breakfast on your own with voucher provided by Gittings

Meeting Location: Ballroom C – Ground Floor

8:00 AM Gather and Coffee
8:30 Welcome by Sam Schultze 
8:45 Industry Leader and Looking to the Future with Greg Lorfing 

General Roundtable Discussion

10:15 Break – 15 minutes
10:30 Knowledge Games
11:30 Open Q&A
11:45 Conference Review
12:00 PM Conference Ends
See the Departures Schedule to arrange ride sharing to the airport


We recommend Uber and Lyft for your hotel/airport transportation as the ride is approximately 15 min from Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport (SDF).

Hotel Distil

101 West Main Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202

* Marriott Autograph Property if you are a Bonvoy member

Questions? Contact

Sam Schultze –

Michel Leroy –

For ride-sharing purposes, we have grouped arrivals in similar timeframes. If you are interested in sharing a ride to the hotel, please contact others with similar arrival times. You can trade phone numbers/email and flight details to connect after you land. You can find contact information on your Gittings Team Page (on the lower right side is a tab that says Team; scroll through the list to find other creatives).

ARRIVALS - Monday, January 22nd

3:15 PM  Kelley Segovia (Houston)


6:00 PM  Barry Benton (Parts Unknown)

ARRIVALS - Tuesday, January 23rd

2:30 PM  Stewart Tilger (Seattle)
3:00 PM  Michel Leroy (New York)
3:15 PM  Greg Lorfing (Houston)
3:15 PM  Sam Schultze (Houston)
3:20 PM  Charlotte Allen (Houston)
3:20 PM  Davian Warrior-White (Houston)

5:40 PM  Phil Adams (London)
6:30 PM  Vi Phung (Houston)
7:30 PM  John Meyer (San Francisco)
10:30 PM  Tom Russell (London)
11:45 PM  Krista May (Sacramento)
11:45 PM  Vinicius Goulart (Brasília, Brazil)

ARRIVALS - Wednesday, January 24th

9:00 AM

12:00 PM Samuel Sirochman (Philadelphia)
12:10 PM Kat Mueller (Los Angeles)
1:00 PM  Michael Murphy (Fort Lauderdale)
1:15 PM  Tony Gale (New York)
1:15 PM  Justin Leitner (Austin)
2:00 PM  Tico Mendoza (Austin)
2:30 PM  Joanne Smith (Boston)
2:30 PM  Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano (Boston)
2:50 PM  Bryan Bazemore (Charlotte)
2:50 PM  Carver Mostardi (Tampa)
3:15 PM  Trish Warren (Houston)
3:15 PM  Lindsay Rembert (Houston)
3:15 PM  Yusra Jafferany (Houston)
3:40 PM  John Olive (Miami)
4:00 PM  Arielle Lewis (Washington D.C.)
4:10 PM  Kim Sanford (Boston)

5:30 PM  Rick Bettinger (Dallas)
5:30 PM Ryan Johnson (Dallas)
5:40 PM  Greg Lambert (San Diego)
7:25 PM  Dirk Beichart (Frankfurt, Germany)
7:35 PM Anthony Mongiello (LAX)
11:30 PM Laura Kinser (Salt Lake)

DEPARTURES - Saturday, January 27th

6:00 AM Vinicius Goulart

2:00 PM  Tom Russell
2:09 PM Greg Lambert
2:25 PM  Kat Mueller
2:24 PM John Olive
2:30 PM  Stewart Tilger
3:00 PM John Meyer & Kim Sanford
3:15 PM  Trish Warren
3:35 PM  Carver Mostardi
3:35 PM  Justin Leitner
4:00 PM  Charlotte Allen & Davian Warrior-White
4:00 PM  Lindsay Rembert & Yusra Jafferany

6:20 PM  Ryan Johnson

DEPARTURES - Sunday, January 28th

1:50 AM Dirk Beichart
9:25 AM  Kelley Segovia, Sam Schultze, Greg LorfingAfternoon
9:30 AM Samuel Sirochman

12:30 PM  Michel Leroy
1:00 PM  Michael Murphy
2:20 PM Barry Benton
3:15 PM  Kelley Segovia

5:30 PM  Phil Adams
6:50 PM  Vi Phung

DEPARTURES - Monday or Later

Monday – Jan 29

7:20 AM  Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano

3:15 PM   Joanne Smith

6:20 PM  Rick Bettinger

Tuesday – Jan 30

9:00 AM

4:30 PM  Tico Mendoza

6:20 PM  Krista May


  • Louisville’s winter temperatures average between the low of 30s to the mid-40°F (-1° to 4° Celcius) with minimal snow accumulation. Having said that, it pays to be prepared, so bring warm clothes, a coat, and shoes/boots. Hotel conference rooms are typically pretty cool, so be sure to pack layers.
  • Louisville, Kentucky, is in the Eastern Standard US Time Zone −5 hours (UTC/GMT -5). The local area code is 502.
  • There are drugstore chains near the hotel if your forget anything but make sure to pack your laptop and phone chargers.

Louisville Food & Activities

Louisville, Kentucky, has a rich cultural and historical heritage, offering a variety of activities. Known as the home of boxing champion Muhammad Ali, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and the famous Louisville Slugger baseball bats, here’s a list of things to do in your free time! 

Eat & Drink

At Hotel Distil they offer a signature dining experience with on-site food and drinks.  

Repeal – Upscale oak-fired steaks and seafood Fish House. Book a table

Thu-Fri / 6:30 AM-10:00 AM
11:00 AM-2:00 PM
5:00 PM-11:00 PM
Sat / 7:00 AM-2:00 PM
5:00 PM-11:00 PM
Other Nearby Dining Options

Sidebar – 0.1 Miles

Sidebar at Whiskey Row is located inside the Whiskey Row Lofts. Order a Barrel Aged Cocktail or an expertly crafted Classic Bourbon Cocktail. If beer is your desire, order a pint from the 14 Foot Inverted Chrome homage to draft beer.

Zombie Taco – 0.1 Miles

Zombie Taco is our answer to your all-day and late-night dining desires. From tacos and burritos to crisps and taquitos, we have everything you crave.

Previous Years of Conference Highlights

Let’s take a look at where we’ve been over the years.

Conference Survey

Thank you for attending the 2024 Gittings Global Photography Conference.  We deeply appreciate your contribution to our shared success. The following questions will help us shape future conferences and make them more valuable for all of us.


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Greg's State of the Agency

Vi's Digital Workflow Session

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