6 Tips for Effective Digital Marketing for Law Firms

Take a moment to look up from your phone or laptop and it’s evident that we have cemented ourselves in a digital world. Everything around us, from shopping and banking to education and entertainment, is rooted in the digital platforms that continue to expand to meet our needs.

For prospective customers in need of legal services, digital platforms often serve as the primary point of research when reviewing the multitude of available firms. The battle for potential customers can be won by focusing your law firm’s efforts on digital marketing and ensuring your content generates new leads.

While this can seem like a daunting task, here are six ways to improve your law firm’s digital marketing efforts:

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

In many countries around the world, including the United States, smartphones outnumber personal computers and much of a website’s traffic comes from mobile devices. To ensure your website is not losing traffic due to long load times or lack of compatibility, you can evaluate the performance using Google’s Mobile Friendly Test. Based on these findings, you can make the appropriate adjustments to your website using your content management software (i.e., WordPress) or relay the updates to your web developer. It’s important to draw in clients using your firm’s custom photography and by simply compressing the file size, you can ensure these images load correctly on mobile devices. To learn more about our custom legal imagery, please visit our website for more information.

  1. Use Google Analytics – One of the greatest benefits of using digital platforms is the availability of data that can be used to optimize your marketing strategy. If you haven’t already, set up your website with Google Analytics and begin tracking your number of visitors, time spent, competitive keywords and more. These data points can help you uncover insights about your audience and what lead them to your site. By understanding these factors, you can optimize your website and rotate imagery from your custom legal photography library to best connect with your interested audience.
  2. Invest in Paid Search – Dedicate a monthly budget for paid search advertising to assist with your law firm’s lead generation. By using your Google Analytics data, you can develop keyword campaigns that drive prospective clients to your website and deliver them to your firm’s lawyer profiles and portraits. Your website’s professional photography will help keep new customers exploring your pages and direct them to contact you for more information. An investment in quality photography will ensure that you set a professional, branded look for your law firm from the start. For more information on our premium lawyer portraits, please click here for an overview of our services.
  3. Keep it Simple – You are the leader in your field and prospective clients are looking to you to be the experts. Be careful not to alienate these leads with too much information. Avoid unnecessary specifics and instead, using Google Analytics data, incorporate common language that your clients use when searching for law services. Draw in those interested with straightforward calls to action, leading clients to contact your firm for more information or to set up an introductory meeting to discuss their needs. These quick directives help generate more leads and help cut through the online clutter of information.
  4. Leverage Client Reviews – You most likely already experience the fact that word of mouth is one of the most valuable marketing tools. Clients look to one another for advice and recommendations on where to eat, what shows to watch, when to travel, and more. This is especially true for the legal industry, with clients referring other prospective clients based on their experience with the firm and lawyer. Find ways to encourage your clients to leave you a review by offering incentives, such as a gift card drawing once a month for new reviews. Also, you should actively respond to both positive and negative reviews to illustrate continued interest in clients. You will find that a little communication can go a long way!
  5. Create Social Content Calendars – As we mentioned in November’s blog post, it is critical to be active on social media. These channels provide an opportunity to engage with your clients and to showcase the thought leadership of your law firm. To help organize yourself, develop a social content calendar that provides direction on what to post and when, as well as an outline of available images to accompany your copy. By having an image library, you have the ability to rotate images across the calendar and fill your social channels with engaging, lead generating content. Contact Gittings Global today to learn how we can help elevate your image library for your law firm.

As digital consumers, we have endless options for the services we seek. By taking the right, strategic approach to digital marketing, you can help generate new revenue for your law firm for a minimal investment. It is important to meet prospective leads where they research, and provide them with compelling content and easy steps to action. And remember, digital opportunities continue to evolve and the best way to navigate them is by testing new strategies!