SPOTLIGHT: Dan Bettinger, Gittings Global, Colorado

Even the most careful photographer can make a misstep, but only the upper echelon earn a royal scolding from Fergie, Duchess of York. Happy 10th Anniversary, Dan Bettinger; Gittings Global will always consider you the King of Denver!

Learn more about Dan’s path to portrait photographer in this Q&A.

Where are you based?
Denver Colorado, my Hometown.

How many years have you been a photographer? (Not necessarily employed with Gittings)
35 years full time, although I photographed my first wedding 42 years ago at the age of 18.

What is the most interesting photoshoot/subject you’ve ever photographed?
Duchess of York, Fergie when she scolded me for touching her arm.

Do you ever shoot with a film camera?
I have not since 2002.

What is your favorite vacation destination?
Any place with a golf course, I’m a total golf addict.

Who inspires you?
My Dad who started the business I own and my brother Rick Bettinger who is the only Master Photographer in the family.

What is your first memory of picking up a camera with serious intent?
In college, I was the Photo Editor of the Student Newspaper.

What is your favorite aspect of portrait photography?
Making people look better than they perceive themselves. Nothing better than hearing someone say “That’s the best picture anyone has ever taken of me.”