We’re pleased to introduce our 2023 summer marketing intern, Lilly Howell!

Gittings Global - NE118050 - Lilly Howell
We’re pleased to introduce our 2023 summer marketing intern, Lilly Howell! Lilly will be assisting the sales and marketing team during her time with Gittings Global. We asked her a few questions about her education and background. Here’s what she had to say.

Where do you attend school and what do you study?

I have just completed my sophomore year at the University of Alabama where I am majoring in Marketing with a minor in Advertisement & Public Relations. Roll tide!

How are you hoping to use your degree once you graduate?

Having two more years of my undergraduate degree still ahead of me, I am currently transitioning into my upper-level classes at the University of Alabama. I am hoping that through this transition to more technical classes, I will find an area of focus such as analytics or social media management that helps provide clarity into my intrinsic motivation.

What led you to an internship with Gittings?

I loved the idea of interning for a company where the marketing team is very hands on and is able to experience a variety of marketing tasks! I knew Gittings would allow me to gain skills and knowledge in all areas of marketing and public relations, not just one specific concentration… and I have seen this to be true!

What do you hope to achieve or get out of this internship?

I hope to walk away from this internship having more clarity into real-world application transitioning away from the theoretical, class-based discussion I am currently having. It can be hard to decide the course of your life while sitting in a classroom without experiencing the field. I want to be better skilled in areas that I tend to shy away from such as graphic design and advertising. I am excited to grow in skills ranging from marketing to professionalism in the work place!

How do you like your coffee?

At this point in my life, I only drink iced coffee…I like to say I am more of a recreational coffee drinker! However, my go to coffee order is an iced vanilla latte, which I know probably has more sugar in it than actual coffee.

What extracurricular, social clubs or volunteer activities are you involved in, and what have you gained from them?

I have spent the last year on my sorority’s marketing team as the Internal Marketing Chair! One of my favorite activities I am involved in at school is YoungLife. I am a YoungLife leader in Tuscaloosa, which means that I get to hang out and mentor high school girls! I also have volunteered with Reading Allies for the past two years where I meet with students ranging from 1st grade to 5th grade to help further their reading, writing, and grammar skills. I also volunteer in the children’s program at my church, Church at the Oaks. There is nothing more rewarding than watching one of my high school girls find community or watching one of my elementary students read a whole book on their own for the first time. I have learned the value of stepping outside of your comfort zone and giving back to your community!

How do you like to spend your days when you have no plans?

On a day where I have more time, I love to go on walks with family and friends. I have found some of the best conversations are had on long walks! If I am at school, I love to hang out in the living room or try new recipes in the kitchen with my roommates. If I am at home, I enjoy swimming with my family or taking the boat out for the afternoon. I tend to find a way to make plans with people on days that I started out with no plans.!

Share something that’s particularly unique about your life or college experience thus far.

When I was five years old, my dad’s job moved us across the world to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was able to attend kindergarten, first grade, and second grade in an international school where half the day we only spoke Spanish (I sadly know very little Spanish now)! This sparked my love for international travel, and last summer I lived in South Asia for two months!