Gittings Involved! – Fort Worth (2018)

The Gittings Fort Worth studio is grateful for the opportunity to partner with organizations that protect our community. One such organization is SafeHaven, which provides relief for women and children affected by domestic violence. SafeHaven is the largest agency in...

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Gittings Involved! – Fort Worth (Jewel Charity)

Starting in 1928, Paul Gittings, Sr. led a company culture of quality work and giving back to communities. Now, our company continues to carry forward Mr. Gittings’ vision by working with several wonderful organizations that share our values. We are honored to work...

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Gittings Involved! – Dallas (Crystal Ball)

For more than 65 years, Gittings has taken immense pride in lending a helping hand to the Dallas community. This month, we are highlighting two charities that Gittings works with to give back to children in the Dallas area—the Crystal Charity Ball for children’s...

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5 Senior Portrait Ideas That Will Stand Out

Every adult has one: the clichéd senior portrait in the suit or black dress (or rather, the imitation suit or dress top the photographer brought as a prop), the awkward smile, and the slightly dated background. Today’s seniors are more creative than ever before, and...

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4 Reasons To Reserve Destination Portraits

4 Reasons to Reserve Destination Portraits

Summer holiday escapes present a unique opportunity to invest in your family and create lifelong memories. Years from now when you gather together, the conversation will naturally return to those days spent relaxing as a family, bonding at your home away from home or...

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Gittings Involved – Houston (2018 Men of Distinction)

Springtime in Houston is a busy time for Gittings. This past month we participated in two local events that honored a number of notable Houstonians, the 2018 Men of Distinction Luncheon and the Neiman Marcus Mother’s Day Portrait Exhibit. The 2018 Men of Distinction –...

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