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Business Headshots & Photography

For 90 years, we have built our reputation as an industry leader in professional business portrait photography by building and refining quality assurance into every step of our process.

Professional Photography Is Important For Many Industries

Professional portraits are important for many client-facing businesses. A company’s image is a reflection of the quality of its work and professionalism. Gittings Global has processes in place so that our team can help create consistent, professional business portraits for team bio pages, websites, and marketing collateral.

We specialize in providing end-to-end photography services for any industry and companies of any size. Some of our top industries include:

  • PLaw Firms
  • PConsulting Firms
  • PAccounting Firms
  • PBanking
  • PFinancial Institutions
  • PInsurance
  • PHigher Education
  • PReal Estate Agencies
  • PPublic Relations Agencies
  • PMarketing Agencies
  • PAdvertising Agencies
  • PBranding Agencies

If you are unsure of whether or not professional portraits would benefit you in your industry, contact our team today! We are more than happy to talk you through the decision-making process and explain to you the benefits of professional business headshots and photography. 

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Gittings Professional Headshot Services

At Gittings Photography, we offer a range of photography services, from Legal Portraits, Corporate Portraits, and even complete Custom Photo Libraries for a variety of professional organizations.

Image is critical in the legal field and for your executive team. Clients want to work with lawyers and executives that are confident and approachable. The first place they’ll go? Your website. There, they should get a good idea of your firm’s or organization’s capabilities, culture, and values. Professional photography, whether through Legal Portraits or executive headshots, or even a Custom Photo Library of images, plays a large role in how you are perceived.

Legal Portraits, executive headshots, and your Custom Photo Library should be consistent with your brand and messaging, across all of your organization’s locations. Presenting potential clients with cohesive, professional photography can make all the difference.

Of course, the individual styling of your Legal Portraits, also known as Headshots, is very important. Styling these portraits to align with your brand standards and providing your lawyers with the guidance to produce the best result will set you apart from others.

Professional Portrait Options

Gittings Photography has a 95% retention rate because our clients come to rely on our experienced and creative network of Gittings photographers to deliver on their photography needs around the world. The Gittings Photography team can handle your professional photography needs, whether you need global or local photography for both large corporations and small businesses. We offer a wide range of styling options so that you can find the perfect look for your company. Our team will work with you to define a unique look for your company that follows your organization’s brand standards.

At- or Off-Camera
Your Professional Portraits can be made with your subjects looking at the camera or with our interactive style.
Background Options
Your Legal Portraits can be made with an interior, studio, or window background.
Aspect Ratio
Professional Portraits can be shot in a variety of ways: vertical, square, horizontal, or panoramic.
Depending on the aspect ratio, portraits can also be cropped to head and shoulders, ½ length and ¾ length.


Law firms and other corporations are often tempted to use generic stock photos to supplement their portraits. Doing so, however, can create misalignment with your brand. Crafting a Custom Photo Library not only showcases your firm or organization, but it ensures that your imagery is unique and not used by anyone else.

Custom photography gives potential clients an inside look at how your team operates. They would much rather see members of your team interacting and working together rather than a cliché—a photo of an empty courtroom or a gavel on a desk, for example.

It takes planning and skill to create a Custom Photo Library that aligns with your branding. As a global photography agency, we have spent decades developing a process for legal and other corporate photo libraries. Our team of corporate photographers in 48 U.S. cities and 23 countries around the world is skilled at capturing professional headshots for all industries and specialties.

We can build your firm or corporation a cohesive Custom Photo Library that can be used throughout all of your locations. Learn more about our time-tested Legal or Corporate Custom Photo Library Process.