Crafting Corporate Portraits For Professionals

Gittings is a premier portraiture agency for professional, executive portraits, and custom stock photography. We offer a wide range of styling options so that you can find the perfect look for your company. Our team will work with you to define a unique look for your company that follows your firm’s brand standards.

Executive portraits give your team more visibility. Potential clients want to see who they will be working with and how the team appears. Portraits that convey confidence and professionalism are more appealing to clients. Portraits should also be cohesive because they will immediately give clients the feeling that you are a well-connected team.

In every portrait photoshoot, a Gittings photographer will work with you to capture an image that conveys your authentic self. We understand the importance of a photograph that brings out your personality and makes you appear approachable and trustworthy. Sometimes adjusting your positioning or trying a different expression can make all the difference. During your photo shoot, we review your photographs with you to ensure we have captured the perfect image.

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Executive Portraits

For nearly 90 years, we’ve built our reputation as an industry leader in executive photography by building and refining quality assurance into every step of our process.

Through our time-tested process, the Gittings team can help create a unique branded look in your executive photography. Our process is designed to make the photography process easy for you and your team, as we will handle the more stressful parts—including giving your team many 15-minute window options so that their portrait session does not interrupt their workday.

Creative Direction Consulting

Before you begin a new website project or new marketing collateral design, our team can advise on the creative direction for your photography. Instead of treating your headshots as an afterthought, let us work with you to brainstorm creative concepts that will showcase your unique brand positioning.

By thinking through the photography direction during the initial creative process, your project will have a more cohesive design as well as a realistic logistical plan for shooting your photographs.

Gittings also works closely with web designers and developers during website projects to advise on bio page images. Partnering with a web team, we advise on the entire process from creative direction and logistics through photo shoots and portrait editing.

Industries Served

We specialize in providing end-to-end photography services for companies of all sizes and breadths of location. Some of our top industries include:

  • PLaw Firms
  • PConsulting Firms
  • PAccounting Firms
  • PBanking
  • PFinancial Institutions
  • PInsurance
  • PReal Estate Agencies
  • PPR Agencies
  • PMarketing Agencies
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Why Choose Gittings Over a Freelance Photographer

Companies with multiple locations have the greatest need for consistent, professional portraiture. The need to portray your firm as a single entity becomes a challenge with thousands of employee schedules in varying locations.

At Gittings, we retain a global team of experienced corporate photographers and offer online scheduling and a single point of contact to help streamline the photography process around your day-to-day operations. We also follow an end-to-end process that we have fine-tuned over decades to ensure all aspects of your portraits are consistent and exceptional.

If image and professionalism are critical to your organization’s relationship-building and revenue generation, professional photography is a must. Get in touch today to learn how we can help capture your entire team comfortably, easily, and with the professional results your organization deserves.