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Executive Headshots

Backed by a 90-year tradition of excellence, Gittings Photography is a name that is synonymous with prestige, professionalism and unmatched quality. We believe strongly in maintaining our legacy of exceptional service for our clients. Each of our executive headshots captures the energy, intensity and tenacity that business owners, corporate executives and other professionals exude every day. We go the extra mile with deep, detail-oriented portraits that essentialize what makes you and your team stand out from the competition. Get in touch with a Gittings headshot photographer today and allow us to show you why we are a trusted name and an industry leader in executive portraits.

Taking Executive Portraits and Headshots

In each of our corporate headshots, an experienced, friendly and professional Gittings photographer takes every detail into account. From set and setting to wardrobe selections, jewelry choices, color choices, poses and more, you’ll be in the best hands possible to craft your ideal portrait. Our deep-seated commitment to excellence allows us to capture the essence of the image you wish to portray in your business executive headshot. Allow our team to convey an image that showcases your approachability, trustworthiness and stately demeanor. Each of our highly trained and skilled photographers understands the nuances and details which craft a top-tier business executive headshot. Experience for yourself how we go the extra mile to showcase you and your brand.

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How to Take the Best Executive Headshots for Women

Each of our headshot photography sessions is as agile, diverse, and dynamic as our clients. Female business owners, female corporate executives, and more love our refined approach to delivering the right pose and expression that conveys their unique qualities. We understand the diverse set of elements that go into building the ideal headshot for our female clients.

Let us showcase the strength, resiliency, poise, and professionalism which define your role in today’s corporate world. Your photographer will work by your side to try multiple poses, expressions, and even outfits to find the perfect match which highlights your unique personality. Rest assured that our skilled photographers will review all photos from your photoshoot and work with you to select the optimal set of images that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Female Executive Outfits for Headshots

Female executives love working with the Gittings team. Our knowledgeable photographers understand the details that go into building the type of corporate portraits sure to help you stand out from the competition. For females, we often recommend smart, conservative wardrobe choices accompanied by simple, tasteful jewelry selections.

By avoiding overly complex patterns and flamboyant styles, we ensure your professional portrait is classy, smart, and stately. We are happy to work by your side to photograph you in multiple, diverse outfit styles to help you find and capture the perfect image highlighting your unique silhouette.

How to Take the Best Executive Headshots for Men

Rest assured that our time-tested methods produce ideal corporate portraits for our male clients. We understand the dynamic poses, tasteful backgrounds, and other elements which coalesce to craft a world-class business headshot for men. Taking optimal headshots for men often focuses on capturing a wide range of distinct poses, angles, and backgrounds. By showcasing your profile across a variety of backgrounds, we find the perfect image to convey the unique elements of your business or brand.

Our detail-oriented headshot photoshoots can convey the unique elements you bring to bear every day. Get started today and collaborate with our team to capture the essence of your business. Let us assist in establishing your brand as a trusted and respected resource in the local community.

Male Executive Outfits for Headshots

Crafting a superior-quality executive headshot for men requires much more than just wearing a tie. Smart outfit choices for men often focus on keeping clothing color choices dark or neutral and conservative as well as minimizing the amount and type of jewelry worn. While suits are usually recommended for formal corporate portraits, our photographers can help create more relaxed looks, if needed. We specialize in delivering and capturing looks that are as unique as your business. No matter your style, we are ready to help you showcase it today.

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Choosing Gittings Photography for Executive Portraits

Gittings Photography is the top choice for exceptional quality executive portraits. In addition to our superior-quality executive headshots, our ever-expanding family of satisfied clients loves working with the Gittings team for other professional headshots for:

  • Press releases
  • Legal portraits
  • Personal branding
  • Photos for LinkedIn profiles and so much more!

We proudly serve a wide range of unique industries with our unmatched professional executive headshot services. The Gittings team specializes in delivering game-changing professional photoshoots for corporate clients in law firms, accounting, banking, insurance, real estate, public relations, marketing, consulting, and more. 

Book a Photoshoot Today for Executive Headshots

Get started today by connecting with one of our Gittings Photography professionals. Collaborate with us and let’s work together to showcase the perfect look for your business. Working with our team places the benefits of nine decades of experience in your corner to capture your authentic self.