SPOTLIGHT: Jon Rauschenberger, Gittings Global, Illinois

by | Oct 3, 2022

With surprise and delight as his watchwords, Jon Rauschenberger has made quite a positive impression during his first year with Gittings Global. We love his collaborative approach to portrait sessions and have a sneaking suspicion his flexible approach to life may be his photographic superpower. Happy First Anniversary, Jon!

Learn more about Jon in this Q&A.

Where are you based?

How many years have you been a photographer? (Not necessarily employed with Gittings)
4 years (professionally)

What do you like most about being a photographer?
The process of working with people to create images that surprise and delight them – specifically people that don’t love being in front of the camera.

Do you ever shoot with a film camera?
Nope, all digital.

What is your favorite vacation destination?
Costa Rica – specifically the Pacific coast.

Who inspires you?
Casey Neistat. His willingness and ability to create interesting content without formal training motivated me to change careers.

How did you choose photography as an art form/career?
Initially, I was fascinated with the technical aspects of photography, but I quickly became more interested in working with people to get them comfortable in front of the camera.

When did you know you wanted to be a photographer?
I was fascinated with cameras when I was a kid but didn’t really start taking photography seriously until later in life when we had kids. Over time, I learned enough to realize I might enjoy doing it professionally, so when the opportunity to make a career change came up I jumped at the chance to start working as a professional photographer.

What is your first memory of picking up a camera with serious intent?
I took photos of the seniors on sports teams at our kid’s school. I used lights and backgrounds…had no idea what I was doing, but people loved the photos.

What is your favorite aspect of portrait photography?
I never get tired of people reacting with surprise and delight to an image we just made. I always shoot tethered and review the photos with the subject as we shoot – the excitement some people have when they see themselves in a photo they like is just the best feeling.

When you are not creating portraits for work, what kind of photography do you enjoy?
Landscapes, still life…basically anything where I have all the time I need/want to create an image. I love shooting people, but there’s always time pressure to get the shot – sometimes it’s nice to just take an hour (or more) to make a single image.