Why Choose GIttings Global

Why Choose Gittings


In the professional services world, trust is a commodity and credibility is judged by the look of your portrait. For 90 years, we have built our reputation as an industry leader in portrait photography by building and refining quality assurance into every step of our process. With an over 95 percent retention rate, our clients have come to rely on the concierge-level service our experienced and creative photographers consistently deliver all over the world. Global or local, big or small, we’ll be ready and creatively equipped to handle your most demanding and challenging photography needs. We have a global team of photographers. And, for those cities that are not currently in our network, we have a completely Virtual photography solution available. At Gittings Global we only onboard the best of the best photographers across the world. Once a photographers has been vetted and trained on our processes they are also coached and given feedback on their photography as well as any client feedback from a session. If a photographer leaves a market, it’s our responsibility to research, vet and train a new photographer in that market so that our clients do not feel the impact. This allows you to do what you do well and leave the photography, logistics and scheduling to us.


Custom Image Crops

Each image will be cropped and named to your custom specifications. You will save tremendous time and effort by not having to crop each image for your different uses. Furthermore, our cropping services mean that you receive much more consistency from person to person, year after year.

Custom Photography Brief

We create an internal photography specifications document for our photographers that translates your brand objectives into f-stops, shutter speeds, etc. for our photographers to follow. This helps create consistency between cities and over time. If you or we see something straying outside of your preferences, it’s our job to coach the photographer, leaving you out of the photography education business.

Professional Retouching

Retouching is included with each image delivered. Our digital artists will retouch each delivered portrait to create a kindly interpretation of each person. No makeup artists or hair stylists needed for your session thus saving you and your executives time and money.


Each project is assigned a project manager that will ensure your project is completed with ease, meets major milestones and deadlines, and provides assistance for any online tools related to scheduling, billing, and final images and delivery.

Your project manager will coordinate with your office managers to successfully complete your project. Once the project is completed, they will be vital in any coordinating any clean-up sessions as well as transition your office managers to our maintenance booking process.

Online Scheduler                                                                   

For projects or full-day sessions, we will deploy our online scheduling system. We will populate the database with your information and provide you with a link and session availability for each city. Your professionals will be able to select the date and time that works for him/her. Upon booking their session they will receive a confirmation and a reminder email along with clothing/grooming recommendations that have been provided by you.


Sessions are scheduled contiguously in 15-minute increments. Your professionals will be photographed in an efficient manner enabling them to get back to work as soon as possible.

Convenient Location                                     

Sessions are conducted on-site in your conference room. Your professionals will be able to return to work much sooner than otherwise. We eliminate the need for your professionals to leave the office, drive to a studio, have their session, and drive back to the office, etc.

Immediate Selection                                     

Your professionals will select their image before leaving their session. They will be able to see their proofs immediately and, if they want to tweak something, we’ll take additional photos until they are satisfied. This eliminates additional time being consumed to schedule a reshoot, passing around proof sheets and waiting for answer, which in the end makes your job easier. We want to do whatever we can to make this process as seamless and efficient for you.

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