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Virtual Photo Pro™

The pandemic has challenged us to find a safe and innovative way for firms to have the high-quality headshots they’ve come to expect from Gittings. We’ve developed an innovative solution to adapt to the needs of our clients. The Virtual Photo Pro™* system is an all-in-one kit shipped directly to your home or office that has everything you need to set up your own photoshoot.

“This process was seamless. The Virtual Photo Pro™ case arrived at my front door and ten minutes later I had it set up and was ready to go.”
Brian Juncker

Managing Partner, Strategic Talent Solutions


Each kit comes with easy-to-follow directions and all the equipment needed to create a personal photo studio, including a camera, green screen, positioning mat, tripod, lights, and iPhone. A Gittings Global professional photographer – connected virtually – will guide you every step of the way to ensure your portraits are perfect. You’ll be given direction on lighting, poses and even wardrobe recommendations. With a green screen background, our photographers will be able to customize your background to match existing headshots or to create something completely unique.

Every portrait is professionally polished in post-production, sized to your specifications, and delivered in a high-resolution format. At the end of your shoot, simply break down the setup, pack it all back in the same case, and ship it to us using the return label.

The Virtual Photo Pro™ system can be set up in any satellite or home office. Whether you’re shooting new hires or just need updated photos, this is the perfect solution.

For firms looking to set up a Virtual Photo Pro™ studio in their office for multiple days or weeks, contact us to find out more about our virtual photography solution.

” Working with the Gittings team has been nothing but a pleasure since day one. Once we determined we needed to come up with a creative solution to getting headshots done remotely and cost efficiently, they went to work on creating a brand new approach without compromising the quality of their work. Their partnership and ingenuity provided just what we needed to get the job done. The Virtual Photo Pro™ system is an ideal solution for these times and well into the future.”

Jennifer Nack, Director, Financial & Administrative Services

Call 800.961.9634 or email to schedule your Virtual Photo Pro™ session today.


How do I get people scheduled for a virtual session?

We have several options for scheduling our virtual sessions. We will be able to provide you with a link that will enable you to schedule for your professionals or a link that you can send directly to your people that will allow them to schedule themselves. Our scheduling team is always available to assist simply by emailing

How long does it take to set up?

Set up time can vary but most people take between 20 – 40 minutes.

What if I need help setting it up?

There are detailed directions with photographs included in the kit. Also, you can speak to a support person by calling our toll-free number at 800-961-9634. Finally, your photographer can join you on a video Zoom call (or similar technology) to assist you with the setup.

Will a photographer show up at my home to take the headshot?

No, all photography is done remotely. Once you are ready for your session you will initiate contact on the phone provided in your Virtual Photo Pro™ kit. The remote photographer will then be able to see you and coach you through posing and expressions for your portrait.

Do I use my camera or camera/phone to take the photo?

No, all equipment is provided in the Virtual Photo Pro™ kit that you receive.

How long will the session last?

Most sessions last approximately 20 to 40 minutes.

Do I get to see the proofs?

Yes. Immediately after the session, the photographer will review the proofs with you via Zoom (or similar technology) on your phone or computer so that you may select your favorite image for processing and delivery.

What happens after the session?

Simply place everything back into the kit as labeled. Your photographer will arrange for pickup soon after the session.

Do I need to take the Virtual Photo Pro™ kit someplace to be shipped after my session?

No, the photographer will arrange for a courier or freight company to pick it up from your location.

How will my photos conform to the photography specifications as outlined by my firm?

Our remote photographer will review your photography guidelines and will ensure that lighting and posing follow your preferences. Our digital team will process, retouch and drop your standard background into the images. Your digital portraits will then be cropped to your specifications and we will email a link to download your final high-resolution images.

How long does it take to get my final portraits?

Your portraits will be sent within two business days after your photoshoot.

Can the Virtual Photo Pro™ system also be set up in an office?

Yes. Firms can set up a studio right in their office and shoot virtual headshots over the course of several days or weeks. Learn more about our virtual photography office solution here.