Birthday Club

Creating Timelines of Future Generations

Taking time to capture the moments of a child as they grow is a priceless gift to yourself for years to come. Through each of their milestones, their portraits portray their growth, their personality, and their interests over the years, creating an unforgettable timeline of their youth.

Being a part of the esteemed Gittings Birthday Club makes it easy for you to capture these timeless moments each year so you never miss a memory. Before each photo session, we will work together to learn about new milestones, activities, and interests in your child’s life that you want to portray in your portrait. We offer on location or in-studio options to fully engage your child at their best.

After the session, you have the opportunity to select your annual portrait and purchase additional selections if desired. Once the portrait is finalized, it will be expertly placed into your leather-bound photo album.

Your Birthday Club enrollment includes:

  • =An annual portrait session, ages 1-18
  • =Annual family portrait session
  • =Cowhide leather album inscribed with child’s name
  • =Complimentary miniature portrait affixed to the exclusive Tree of Childhood page within album
  • =Priority scheduling for portrait events and specials
Contact us today to discuss enrolling in our Birthday Club.
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