Planning Your Session

Portrait Locations

During your Portrait Design Consultation, one of the topics you will discuss with your photographer is the location in which your portraits will be taken. Although choosing a location may seem simple, the location you choose has quite an impact on the final portrait. No matter the location of your Portrait Session, your photographer will use their years of experience and expertise to create a beautiful portrait to cherish for generations. Please allow one hour for your Portrait Design Consultation.

Gittings recommends the following locations for your portrait session:

In studio – This option allows for both formal and casual portraits. A studio portrait is timeless and captures the subject. Your photographer will recommend backgrounds, posing, props and other elements to create a beautiful studio portrait.

On Location – Many clients choose to have their Portrait Session on location, to incorporate various elements that cannot be captured inside the studio, such as beautiful outdoor scenery, architecture or geographical significance.

In Home – Portrait Sessions in your home are a unique way to incorporate the color tones and decorative elements of your home into an artful portrait. Many clients have mentioned how fondly they look back at portraits created in their home, allowing them to not only recall their family but also the many memories that were made there.

Your Portrait Session can last between one and two hours, depending on the number of individuals, different groupings and other factors.