Project Kickoff

We are very excited to be working with you on your photography project. It is our goal to deliver the best possible experience for you and your team.

Over the next weeks/months this Project Kickoff workflow will be your guide for necessary documents as well as what you can anticipate for next steps for you and your team.

Project Details

Project Team

Client Team Contacts

Main point of contact
Manage image delivery
Accounts payable
Web designer

Local Contact Spreadsheet

Schedule Photography Pilot

If your project includes a Photography Pilot it will need to be scheduled soon after the project kickoff. The purpose of the pilot is to ensure the look that will be included on the Photography Brief can be replicated across the Gittings Global team. 

Who should be involved during the photography pilot? We recommend at least having your core team involved, web design team (either in person or via video conference), and four test subjects to photograph.

Here is a sample agenda of what to expect on the day of your scheduled Photography Pilot.

8:30 AM: Photographer arrives and will begin setup in designated conference room.

9:00 AM: Team will convene in conference room to discuss plan for the day, expectations, preferences, etc. Will be valuable to have web design group on a video call if not they are not present in the office.  

10:00 AM: First subject photographed, review images, and discuss changes for next subject.

10:45 AM: Second subject photographed, review images, and discuss changes for next subject.

11:15 PM: Third subject photographed, review images, and discuss changes if the fourth subject will be needed.

12:00 PM: Break for lunch and if possible images will be sent to digital team for production of samples.

1:15 PM: If needed, the fourth subject will be photographed and images will be reviewed.

1:45 PM: Team will meet in conference room for pilot debrief. Review preferences, discuss learnings, and if available review any proofs. If proofs are available, select final images to be used in photography brief as the project samples. Photographer will compile notes to establish the the custom photography brief to ensure consistency throughout the project.

Please note that this is a tentative schedule for a Photography Pilot. The timeframes above may shift due to the creative nature of the pilot process.

Photography Brief

Gittings Global will develop a photography brief based upon results from the pilot and client specifications.

Brief will be distributed to all photographers on the project and Gittings Global will hold an internal kickoff call with photographers before sessions are held.

Develop Crop Specifications

Develop Crop Specifications Guide

  • Client or website design team to provide detailed crop specifications including exact pixel dimensions and sample of each use within the website
  • Client to provide detailed crop specifications including exact pixel dimensions and sample of each use elsewhere (outside of website)

Client to approve one crop set developed from Pilot

  • Gittings Global will provide one set of crops for one person from Pilot in order to test all crops
  • Client or website design team to approve all uses for website
  • Client to approve all crops for uses outside of website
  • Once all crops are approved, processing can begin. Any changes to crops after approval will incur additional fees for recrop

    Scheduling + Iris

    Scheduling Overview

    Your project manager will lead this process as they will be working closely with you to plan the timeline for your project. Those dates will include project start (first session), final phase of sessions, project expected end date and any sessions that will be added for project clean-up.

    We will assess the scope of your project relative to other projects currently in progress and our existing client workload to determine your project’s timeline. Your project manager will determine when the project can begin and an estimated completion date at that time.

    Scheduler Template

    This template is critical in having it completed in a timely manner as the details are needed to populate the scheduler. Use this Scheduler Template to populate contact information for each session contact.

    To reiterate, this completed spreadsheet will need to be returned to to be used in the scheduling link for each city.

    Building the Scheduler

    Depending on the scale/complexity of your project the client portal will be used to confirm dates for each city that will hold sessions. As an alternative your project manager may need to work with you outside of the portal to confirm dates for cities that are outside of Gittings Global photographer locations.

    Once all dates have been confirmed for your locations, the scheduler will be built. This process may take a couple of days as your project manager will be loading names from the completed Scheduler Template that was returned to

    Your custom scheduling link for each city, along with login info, will be delivered to the designated contact at your firm 2-3 weeks before the first photography date.

    Test and Approve Iris

    The client will need to make and cancel test appointments for each location to ensure all communications meet your approval. Your project manager will lead this process as they will be working closely with you to plan the timeline for your project.


      We’ve executed countless projects and we have found that the most successful projects are those that the client has been very direct in their need for participation from their team. When communicating with your firm you will need the custom city link for the participants that correspond with the correct city scheduling link.

      This is a sample email we have created to help you communicate with your firm on what to expect for this project to be successful. Please feel free to edit and use as you feel it is appropriate for your company communications.

      Click to Download the Sample Email

      To assist in a cohesive look for your firm we’ve created a sample grooming and dress guide. This will be included in all appointment confirmations and reminders that are managed via Iris. If you have specific grooming and dress guidelines please send it to so that it can be updated in the appointment confirmations and reminders emails. 

      Additional Email Communication

      Second Email: Follow-up email should be sent out a week to ten days later as a reminder to schedule their appointment. Use relevant information from the first email into this reminder. You may also consider attaching our Ready for Your Close-up printable.

      Once someone signs in and schedules their appointment, they will receive a confirmation email.  Reminder emails will also be sent out 24 hours before each confirmed appointment.

      FAQ for Photography Brief

      These are common questions that arise during sessions so it is good for us to know how you’d like our photographers to handle such instances. These responses can be included in your photography brief that is reviewed by each photographer before starting a session.

      “May I select two images/other poses?” 

      Your contract calls for one pose per session. Will the firm pay for a second pose if they request one or do we let them know that they can purchase one directly from us and we can bill them individually? Or, we can simply say “Please talk to your local business development contact.”

      I want my wife/partner/significant other to select. Would you email them to me?”

      As you know, our process is structured so that each client selects his or her favorite image directly after the session. This is, by far, the best approach. However, occasionally a client will request a proof sheet from which to choose. Some of our clients absolutely refuse and some decide on a case-by-case basis. There is an additional fee for producing each proof sheet. Please let us know your preference.

      Would you send the image directly to me so I can use it for LinkedIn?”

      We typically tell them to “Discuss this with your local business development contact.” We will deliver all images to you and you may send out as you wish. Some firms wish to withhold delivering images until the new website is launched.

      May I purchase a print for personal use?”

      We will email a price list directly to the client and will work with them individually. Sometimes our clients will request that no personal prints be delivered until the firm launches the new website. Let us know your preference if you have any.

      Final phase

      Client Promotion

      Gittings Global will work closely with your team to develop a social media plan that promotes your firm across our social channels. Examples below of our photographers in action. 

      Sam at Grand Rapids office- top of Warner Building

      Sam at Grand Rapids office

      Early mornings, pre-shoot prep

      Barry at Lansing Office

      That’s a wrap!

      Final Phase Review

      Gittings Global will schedule a meeting to review the final phase of the project and next steps. Next steps will include any project clean-up that will need to be scheduled as well as post-project plans which will transition your firm into our client maintenance program.

      Transition to Visual Branding Services

      As the project is completed in individual cities, those cities will move into Visual Branding Services. We will be working with you to maintain the consistent look and feel of your portraits as new professionals join. This is a critical component to your overall brand and maintaining consistency over time and among all our mutual locations.