SPOTLIGHT: Mike Rivera Gittings Global, Chicago

Gittings Global celebrates our first year with Mike Rivera who, as a ten-year-old boy fell in love with the sound of the shutter. His joy in photographing sweeping landscapes and gritty street scenes is second only to his fascination with capturing the personality and purpose of a portrait subject. Happy 1st Anniversary, Mike!

Where are you based?
Chicago, IL

How many years have you been a photographer? (Not necessarily employed with Gittings)
10 Years

What is the most interesting photoshoot/subject you’ve ever photographed?
I had the opportunity to photograph the catcher for the Chicago Cubs last year in a commercial shoot!

What do you like most about being a photographer?
I love being able to meet new people on a daily basis and capturing the essence of who they are.

Do you ever shoot with a film camera?
I shoot with a disposable camera from time to time, to separate the need to see the photo instantly.

What is your favorite vacation destination?

Who inspires you?
Tim Hetherington, Sebastian Sebastiao Salgado, Bill  Epridge, the list goes on!

How did you choose photography as an art form/career?
The style I like to approach photography Is with a different lens doing my best to listen to whatever subject or thing I am shooting. Giving the ability to create while still being aware of the narrative that the subject is displaying. The act of mirroring and giving a look inside the subject.

When did you know you wanted to be a photographer?
Believe it or not, since I was 10 years of age.

What is your first memory of picking up a camera with serious intent?
When I started working with my high school newspaper I realized that going into photojournalism was something that was attainable.

What is your favorite aspect of portrait photography?
Creating on a blank canvas and working with my subject to bring out what can not be said verbally via the medium of photography.

When you are not creating portraits for work, what kind of photography do you enjoy?
I also enjoy shooting landscapes as well as street photography something I do fairly often during my downtime. Or from shoot to shoot while in commute I love capturing candid photography that gives the stands the test of time with modernization in technology in city life.