Gittings Portrait Screening

A Gittings Portrait Screening is unlike any other. At this appointment, our clients see their images for the first time. Using state of the art projection technology, we allow our clients to view each image in detail. With the assistance of your portrait consultant and your photographer, you will select the images to be produced into finished portraits.

It is helpful in preparing for your Portrait Screening Appointment, to bring along photos of the areas in your home in which you are considering to display your portraits. Our portrait consultant can make suggestions about your portrait based on the locations you are considering, the home decor in that area, and even show you a digital rendering of how the final portrait will look.

Final portraits can be presented in a variety of sizes and custom, quality finishes. Gittings is also available to frame your portraits in a selection of museum-quality frames.

Because we have our very own digital photography lab, our clients need not worry about what could or did go wrong at the photoshoot. We are adept at removing a flyaway hair or the inevitable bruise a three-year-old got on their forehead the day before the Portrait Session. Let us worry about skinned knees, so you can focus on your life.

Please plan 2 hours for this appointment and for all decision-makers present at this appointment.