The 2017 Gittings Recap

The past year has been one for the books at Gittings. We went through a rebrand, traveled the world for professional photoshoots, and attended several conferences around the globe. The year has been incredibly exciting for us. We wanted to give you some of the highlights from 2017 in this recap.

Gittings Rebranded

In June, Gittings unveiled our new brand. Our rebrand redesign included: a new logo, an updated website, and a refresh of our overall branding.

One of our key reasons for doing this rebrand was to make our website more user-friendly and convenient for our clients. The new website has innovative tools to help make our clients’ lives easier.

Our website now has a new and improved client portal for our clients to be able to easily and virtually access their Gittings photography database. The client portal also gives our clients access to past sessions, and past and present invoices which they can pay online.

We are so excited about our new look, and we hope that you are as well!

Gittings Has Been Out and About

This year in addition to our new branding, has been extremely busy for the Gittings team. When we weren’t traveling the world for our many client photoshoots, we were showcasing our services at several legal conferences around the world.

In October, we had a booth at The London Law Expo, which is Europe’s largest law expo. We also had a booth at Legal Week Connect in London at the end of November. We were able to provide complimentary professional portraits to the attendees at both events and hope to be able to attend similar events in the future.

We also sponsored several Legal Marketing Association events, as we are active members of the LMA community. We have a few LMA conferences coming up, the LMA LegalTech West in January and LMA Annual Conference in April.

Additionally, Gittings was featured on the National Law Review website several times this year when they asked us to contribute articles for their blog. We will have a few other blogs coming out in early 2018, but if you would like to read what we sent this year, open the following links.

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The Gittings Photography Reach

One of the most exciting things about 2017 has been all of the travel that Gittings has done this year. Members of our team have traveled all over the world for photo shoots and to visit our international photographers.

Gittings traveled far and wide this year, but here are a few destinations from 2017:

  • February – London, Frankfurt, Dubai
  • July – Madrid, London
  • October – London
  • November – Montevideo, Uruguay, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Hong Kong
  • December – London

If you would like to follow the Gittings leadership team around the world, follow the Gittings Instagram account! The Gittings leadership team posts their “daily views” from their trips so that you can see the world through their eyes.

This year has been busy for Gittings, but it has been an amazing year. We are thrilled with our new rebranding project and cannot wait to see what comes next for us. To continue following our journey, sign up for our newsletter to get updates throughout 2018.

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