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Dallas symphony principal artist gallery by gittings

Gittings Unveils Principal Musician Portrait Gallery for Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Capturing the essence of musical brilliance and artistic passion, Gittings recently donated nearly $120,000 in portrait photography services to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra (DSO). The new Principal Artist Gallery, featuring Music Director Fabio Luisi and all 18 current Principal Artists, replaces the original installation from 1990, also established by Gittings. The display can be found at the Lower Lobby of the iconic Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, representing a timeless tribute to the DSO’s extraordinary talents and shared passion for the arts.

A Masterpiece in Every Frame

Gittings has long been renowned for its exceptional quality and distinguished attention to detail. As part of the brand’s decades-long commitment as the official photographer of the DSO, Gittings has captured the soul of the orchestra through its extraordinary portraits. Featuring a modernized look, the new gallery stretches an impressive 60 feet by 13 feet and showcases each musician’s unique talent and dedication to their craft in every frame.

A Legacy of Giving Back

For Gittings, supporting the community lies at the heart of the company’s culture. Over the past 30+ years, Gittings has contributed an estimated value of more than $500K to the DSO. The commitment doesn’t end with the Principal Artist Gallery, as Gittings also coordinates the group image of the entire 100+ ensemble on the Meyerson stage every four years, capturing the spirit of unity and artistry that defines the DSO.

Inspiring the Future through Art

The Principal Artist Gallery is not merely a display of talent; it is an inspiration for future generations of musicians and music enthusiasts alike. The gallery serves as a reminder of the incredible talents of the Principal Musicians and a testament to the orchestra’s dedication to bringing the joy of music to the community. Gittings is proud to serve as a trusted partner of the DSO and to be an integral part of capturing these artists during this remarkable time in their lives.

Together, Gittings and the DSO celebrate the harmonious connection between music and art. Let the symphony of artistry continue, enriching our lives and touching our hearts with every note and every frame.

For more information about the Dallas Symphony Orchestra visit dallassymphony.org

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