3 Tips For Styling Portraits in Your Home

A personal portrait is one of the most perceptive photographs that one could own. These portrayals are powerful yet intimate and vulnerable at the same time. An exceptional personal piece of art can bring a new level of sophistication and elegance to any room. While a well-crafted depiction of your family or loved one speaks for itself, you can amplify the message the art gives off by elegantly displaying the photograph.

Our photographers are skilled in creating stylish and timeless portraits, so capturing this most personal piece of art of your family will be seamless. After your session, you will be able to review all of your images and select which ones you wish to formally display. After you have selected the perfect portraits for your home, you will need to identify the most flattering placement and framing options. During this process, your photographer will help you consider the materials, textures, and colors that will surround your photograph.

Here are three styling tips to consider when selecting a placement for your portrait in your space.

Tip 1: Let Your Space Determine Your Portrait Size

Any interior designer will tell you that wall art should take up at least two-thirds of the wall space or three-fourths of the width of your furniture. While beautiful, you do not always have to fill the full space with a single photograph. Many clients choose to create a gallery wall that incorporates a variety of different sizes. However, if you prefer a more dramatic statement with a large portrait with a singular focus, and your space allows for it, we encourage it.

Tip 2: Lighting is Important

Whether you prefer natural or studio light, your images need proper lighting to reach their full potential. If nothing compares to natural light for you, try selecting two images and using them to frame a window or a gorgeous morning sun on a wall. Be mindful of the amount of natural light that the portrait will receive, as direct sun exposure can cause your photograph to fade over time. Gittings offers a warranty on all of our personal portraits to protect your investment.

We recommend investing in elegant, high-quality lights to compliment your portraits. Your photographer or interior designer will surely help identify and locate the best option for your space and needs. A number of styles are available from lights that hang directly over a piece or lights that are more discreet and stage light your photograph from the ceiling.

Tip 3: Find Supporting Elements

A final portrait can take many forms. We understand that each client will have a unique sense of taste and design. For that reason, Gittings offers a variety of portrait options: Renaissance (bound to artist canvas), Imperial (mounted onto a backer board with a flat matte finish), Masterpiece (timeless and traditional oil painting on canvas), Nouveau(contemporary finish bound to metal) and Pop Art (inspired by Andy Warhol). Whatever your style, ensure that your display space has plenty of supporting elements to help the image be a natural fit for the room. Supporting elements include a strong, natural frame, perfectly colored accent pillows, and the dramatic architecture of a long hallway that your photograph is hanging in.

A portrait is a powerful tool that can help any space to feel finished. Incorporate large prints in grand rooms to add drama and to pull the eye upwards, making a room feel bigger. Create a photograph series to line a hallway to visually pull guests into a room. Or perhaps, make a softer statement and hang your images close to an inviting sitting chair to create a warm and cozy environment.

Some clients are unsure of how to incorporate their first portrait piece within their home. Gittings encourages you to confidently share your most personal pieces of art with all who may visit your dwelling. We believe that the best-designed homes are those that are filled with strong emotions and memorable elements. And what’s more emotional or memorable than a portrait? For a portrayal of the human spirit is in itself is a precious moment in time that was designed to be remembered and shared. Take pride in your photographs and display them in your most-loved spaces so that you can always take part in the treasures it reflects.

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