Making Family Portraits a Tradition

Family portraits have cemented themselves into the fiber of our culture. We create digital stories by capturing every moment in our lives with the quick snap of a camera, including a great outfit, what we ate for dinner, our travel adventures, and everything in between. And with good reason! Nothing captures a moment in time quite like a photo does.

But what if instead of snapping photos instinctively, we put a little more thought into how we document those precious moments. Rather than posting a photo to our Instagram story for 24 hours, what if we invested more into the photos we’ll want to keep around forever?

Here are five reasons why taking family photos should become one of your household traditions today.

Because of COVID-19…

If nothing else, COVID-19 has reminded us all how easy it is to take quality time and create special memories for granted. Personal portraits help us share memories and tell stories across both space and time. A beautiful portrait has the power to make others feel included even when they weren’t there. Alternatively, they can help you remember a favorite adventure and relive all the fun that didn’t fit into the shot.

Because Time Moves Too Quickly…Gittings Outdoor Family Portrait

Children are only tiny for such a small part of their lives. Extend the memories by professionally capturing your family at every stage. We promise that you’ll never grow tired of revisiting your children dressed for Halloween, a school play, their first soccer games, or any of the other fleeting moments. Our team at Gittings is just a call away to help document these monumental memories!

Because of Photo Albums . . . 

Portrait albums make for classic, meaningful coffee table décor. When you take the time to turn your portraits into creations, you’re much more likely to look through them later on. Whether kept on a shelf or on display, you will cherish the memories that have been pasted into the albums’ bindings and always have a place to remember times with loved ones even after they’re gone. Photo albums have the ability to spark heartfelt nostalgia in all of us, as they help us reminisce on the old days, share forgotten childhood memories, and return to a special place in our lives.

Because of Gifts… 

Nothing says “I love you” like a personal portrait gift. From photo albums to beautiful portraits that fill your walls, a gift that includes a special moment or person will be cherished forever. You can also give your family, friends, and coworkers the gift of a holiday greeting card that includes special memories and milestones of your family’s year.

Because the Story Lives on… 

Unnamed Making Family Portraits A Tradition

If you have children, they’re probably your whole world now. However, it’s important to remember and honor your life before it arrived. Your babies will never get to know who you were when you were their age, but photos can help bridge that gap. They’ll love looking back at who their parents used to be, and they’ll eventually do the same with their own children!

Not to mention, there will be a day when your great, or even great-great, grandkids hear stories about your favorite dress, the car you built by hand, or your trademark dimples. Those same kids will be looking through an old portrait album when they suddenly recognize items and people that they’ve only ever heard stories about. An internal connection happens when a child sees themself in a photograph of an older relative. This sensation helps us all to feel grateful for the people who came before us and reminds us that we are never alone. This unexplainable bond helps to keep your memory alive and the story moving forward.

Ready to make family portraits a part of your family’s traditions? Schedule your portrait session at Gittings today.

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