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Can you remember the last time you received a hand-written thank you note from a company? How about the last time you spoke to a real person as soon as the phone was answered?  What is the typical response time you expect for an organization’s email?

Likely your answers to the above questions support the following claim. Industries all across America are suffering from a decline in the level of customer service offered. But instead of demanding service that fits the bill, consumers have adjusted their standards and expectations and have become accustomed to substandard service as the new normal.

It’s not that clients and customers no longer desire above and beyond service, but rather they are faced with inadequate treatment daily and now truly expect less.

Professional business insiders, including Forbes, suggest that the overall decline of customer service comes in part from the technological advancements that have been made over the last few decades, for the online world brought us an ongoing stream of automatic services. Although designed to be helpful, nothing irritates a prospected client or heightens a frustrating experience like getting stuck in a never-ending phone menu or getting locked in voicemail jail. When issues arise, there’s nothing like speaking to a living person who cares about service, understands the setbacks, and is determined to help find a resolution that fits your needs.

The consumer industry has recently experienced a complete reversal. In today’s normal, a client only speaks with live personnel when encountering an issue with a product or when they wish to issue a complaint about a service. However, in years past, the customer journey always started with a meaningful engagement with another person who would then guide the buyer through his or her journey.

At Gittings, we believe that our clientele deserves better. Better quality, a better experience, and of course, better customer service, even if you no longer expect it. While there are benefits to modern technology, Gittings still values the in-person experience over all else. This is why our team is equipped with the know-how and tools to best serve you personally. We understand that our clientele wishes to have a personalized interaction, not an automated message.

The Gittings way includes an in-person design consultation covering who will be in the portrait, the overall theme, what style of clothing you will use, the desired location for your session, and where you will be hanging the portrait in your home. Our portrait sessions can be in the studio, at your home, outdoors, or in any other location that is significant to you. After your session, you will be invited to a screening appointment where you will view all of the captured images, select your favorites, and discuss any enhancements you wish to be made.

Gittings strives to provide nothing but exceptional customer service. We take pride in surprising and delighting our esteemed clientele with our world-class service. In our industry, we know that time is the most precious gift. That is why we work endlessly in finding new ways to preserve a moment in time within our portraits. The same is said for why we go to the lengths that we do for our clients. We appreciate and value your time and business in choosing us to be a part of your special memory.

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