5 Corporate Headshot Tips That Will Ensure You Look Your Best

No matter how many times you’ve taken a headshot, the experience can be nerve-wracking. We all want to look our best. Your corporate headshot conveys a lot about your work, so feeling a little pressure is natural.

Stress Less With These Headshot Tips

The best headshots demand some preparation and a willingness to tweak what you’ve done in the past. These corporate headshot tips will ensure you get an image you can be proud of.

1. Choose a Setting Consistent With Your Brand

Looking good isn’t enough. You should also look trustworthy, like you know what you’re talking about. So choose an image consistent with your brand. Do you pride yourself on being a tough-as-nails negotiator? A shoot in the boardroom might be ideal. Do you spend most of your time researching court cases? A photo in a law library subtly conveys your knowledge.

2. Wear the Right Clothes

The right clothes make you look professional, attractive, and authentic. Both men and women should wear something similar to, but slightly nicer than, what they wear each day. Choose an outfit that makes you feel good. But steer clear of loud patterns, very trendy pieces, and unusual cuts. They won’t look good in photos, and will quickly make your image look dated. Simple accessories are best, and men should avoid all jewelry except for a wedding ring or watch.

3. Craft a Classic, Not Trendy, Image

If your profession depends on a trendy, artistic, fashion-forward approach, then go ahead and get creative. Just know that you’ll have to change your headshot in six months. Otherwise, stick with the classics. All headshots eventually look dated, but classic pieces can prolong your photo’s shelf life. Women should choose natural, nude makeup–no shimmers or unusual styles. Wearing powder can reduce shine. Both sexes may wish to consider wearing concealer to hide pimples or dark circles under the eyes. All sexes should ensure their hands are groomed, their hair is combed, and their haircut is flattering.

4. Be Clear About Retouching

Almost all photographers do retouching, but you should be clear about what you expect. Do you want something edited out? Is there a feature you’re self-conscious about? Or do you hope to appear exactly as you are? Talk to the photographer about what they can and can’t do. If you need extensive retouching, be prepared to pay extra.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Ever wonder how celebrities look so good even in apparently candid photos? Many of them have spent a lot of time practicing poses in front of the mirror. They know their best side. They know which smiles look most attractive. A little time spent practicing in front of the mirror can help you find a pose that feels comfortable. Consider even talking to the photographer a few days in advance to get some tips. Then practice until you love what you see in the mirror.

And … Hire the Right Photographer

The perfect image begins with the right photographer. No executive headshot tip can correct terrible lighting or the eye of an amateur. Good photographers can get you 90 percent of the way there. They work with you to ensure your image matches your brand, that your pose looks confident and authentic, and that the lighting is perfect. So before you plan your next headshot, find an expert you trust.

Gittings specializes in helping you look your best. If you’re ready for the best executive headshot of your career, we can help. Give us a call!

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