5 Stunning Family Portrait Ideas

The holiday season is upon us! As we all begin our busy schedule of hosting and attending get-togethers, planning menus and putting together gift lists, it’s also the perfect time to schedule your family holiday portrait session.

If you already have “the look” in mind and have scheduled your session, you’re ahead of most! If you haven’t, now is the time to consider the style that speaks to you and best captures your family. You may also want to take advantage of family being in town for the Thanksgiving holiday and choose to schedule your portrait session during that break in otherwise hectic schedules.

Consider These Family Portrait Ideas

Need a few ideas for your family portrait this year? Here are some modern takes on this cherished tradition:

Go for the great outdoors.
Natural light and a gorgeous landscape can result in a truly memorable family portrait. An experienced photographer can assist you in creating a plan and selecting a location, whether it’s a favorite park, overlooking the lake where your family plays, or even your own backyard. An outdoor backdrop can bring texture, seasonality, and whimsy to your family portrait.

Let’s be candid.
A talented and experienced photographer can craft and capture a staged family portrait that is truly a work of art. Of course, if you desire a more cozy and casual style, ask your photographer for a balance between staged and candid photography. This means allowing for more movement and for the spontaneity that kids, for example, can bring.

Bring in the fur children.
Speaking of spontaneity, pets can be a warm addition to your family portrait (of course, only if you feel that Fido or Fluffy are up to the task). After all, many of us consider pets a part of the family, so it can be nice to capture them in the best light for years to come.

Dress it up or down.
Dressing formally or in more casual attire is entirely a personal preference. Some families use family portrait time as an opportunity to dress up, others simply coordinate more casual wardrobe options for a cohesive look. There is no wrong answer, just make sure it speaks to your family and that everyone feels comfortable!

Encapsulate the year.
As you reflect on the year, think back to the moments that stand out—perhaps your child loved a particular movie character, or your in-laws took the trip of a lifetime. Consider adding small touches to your family portrait setting that reflect these moments. While they may be subtle, it’s a nice reminder of what your family experienced that year when you look back at the portrait.

Schedule A Session

Hopefully, the ideas are flowing and you are ready to schedule a portrait session today! We encourage you to call us or email us to do just that, as holiday portrait session times fill up quickly. View more examples of our family portraits captured in-studio and on-location, or to contact us, simply click here.

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