5 Things All Attorney Websites Need to Have

In today’s legal marketing environment, a website is no longer a nice bonus. Your web presence is mandatory. Almost all clients Google potential lawyers first, and 83% look at legal reviews. Your law firm’s website must be the most visible and useful thing clients see, or else they’ll rely on third parties and paid advertisements.

Essentials of a Top Law Firm Website

But having a website is just the start. You need to optimize your website to convert those potential clients from visitors to paying customers. Development of a quality, consistent digital footprint can be a challenge when you have a large firm with offices and lawyers around the world. Here are a few items that your law firm’s website can’t be without.

1. A Quality Domain

If potential clients can’t quickly and easily type in your domain, they may go elsewhere. And don’t even think about using a domain that’s substantially similar to that of a competitor, or your customers will end up on the wrong site. Stick to something short and to the point.

Ego is often the enemy of effective marketing. Your domain does not need to include each partner’s name, a witty pun, or a statement of your principles. It should be short, relevant, and to the point.

2. An Overview of Practice Areas

Don’t just say that you’re a litigator or a generalist. Even if that’s mostly true, you specialize in something. Today’s clients want experts. Tell your client all about your areas of expertise, then provide links to recent verdicts, or to blog articles showcasing that expertise. Not only is this key to good marketing; it’s also the only way clients may find you. Clients search for lawyers by practice area, so make yourself findable with SEO-optimized practice area landing pages.

3. A Compelling Headshot

Clients want to know who you are. Don’t just tell them. Show them. A headshot makes you seem caring and approachable. It also can help to distill any anxiety clients have about calling or meeting with you. So invest in a quality professional headshot that accurately reflects how you look and how you practice.

A corporate lawyer needs a corporate-looking shot. Someone who’s more casual in their working environment should convey this in their photo. Clients will draw many conclusions from the first impression your headshot offers, so make your first impression a great one.

4. Attractive, Professional Images

Don’t even think about putting stock photos on your site. Stock photos are deliberately generic, conveying nothing useful or marketable about your firm. You need photos that tell the story of who you are. These photos can often do so far better than any prose. They showcase your diversity, your compassion, the way you interact with clients, what clients can expect from meetings, and more. So think about what really sets you apart. Then talk to a skilled photographer about how to depict it with the right images.

5. Multiple Visible Ways to Contact You

You’ve sold a client on your competence, shown them that you offer something unique, and convinced them to get in touch. And now, they have to go digging through your page only to find a phone number or mysterious contact form. What if they hate talking on the phone, or want to email you directly?

Make your contact information visible, and provide several different ways to get in touch. You might even consider telling clients what to expect when they contact you. How long will they wait for a response? Who will answer the phone? What questions will you ask? It can be intimidating to call an lawyer. Take the intimidation out of the equation.

Gittings Photography Makes Attorney Websites Stand Out

Your website is a digital billboard for your firm. It’s important to use that opportunity to represent the services and talent that make your law firm unique. We’ve all heard the old adage that a picture is worth 1,000 words. But there is also data to back that up.

The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words! That means that the photography that you utilize on your website is arguably one of the most important features. It’s your first impression. The visual that represents who your firm is as a brand.

Gittings works with law firms around the world to create captivating headshots that go beyond the old standards of posing in front of a dusty bookshelf. We work with your firm to set a standard of excellence and apply that standard to each and every one of your lawyer’s portraits. Contact us today to learn more about how we can elevate your law firm photography.

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