9 Cool Places To Shoot Portraits In Dallas

A beautiful portrait stands the test of time, lasting a lifetime–and beyond. If you are searching for photos near me and want a list of 9 cool places to shoot portraits in Dallas. Gittings has everything you need! The location you select for your portrait session is more than just a backdrop. It travels with your image, setting the emotional and artistic tone for the piece.

The factors that determine the right portrait setting are as unique as every portrait subject. So consider not only what the ideal portrait looks like today, but how that image will look in 10, 20, or even 100 years.

9 Cool Places To Shoot Portraits In Dallas

Each of the below locations for portraits in Dallas-Fort Worth offers elegant lighting and attractive scenery. When deciding among them, some questions that can help you make your decision include:

What message do I want this portrait to convey? Are you creating a professional headshot? Do you want to create a family heirloom? Or do you hope to perfectly capture a specific moment in time?

How does this setting complement my goals? A family seeking serene-looking newborn photos might choose waterscapes and pastel background hues. An artist might prefer bright colors and architectural angles.

What is the personal connection of this setting? Photos are artistic undertakings that can convey numerous messages–the emotion of a fresh engagement, the lifetime accomplishments of a successful physician, the joy and trepidation of pending parenthood. Select a place that strikes the right emotional tone.

Dallas Locations


One of the nation’s best botanical gardens, the Dallas Arboretum features year-round blooms, a children’s adventure park, a petting zoo, and a concert venue. The garden can work for virtually every portrait with dozens of lush settings, from family photos to professional headshots. The landscaping also offers fertile ground for a wide variety of lighting options, from bright and elegant to shady and understated.


In the early 20th century, Deep Ellum saw an artistic renaissance of jazz and blues. That legacy can still be felt today. Deep Ellum is deeply entrenched in the local arts scene, with a variety of clubs, bars, and restaurants. Plan a portrait session in front of one of the many murals that decorate the walls here. Families and groups can turn their session into an afternoon or evening out, taking in a band and getting a quick bite to eat before or after the sitting.


Turtle Creek’s unique waterscapes and understated architecture can serve as the perfect backdrop for elegant, nature-inspired portraits. Turtle Creek is home to Prather Park, which features brick bridges and walkways, flowing water fountains, sweeping staircases, and endless rows of trees. Turtle Creek is ideal for capturing romantic engagements or a family portrait session.


White Rock Lake is an ideal waterfront location featuring docks, sailboats, and a row of trees in the background. There’s also a cozy club. Families enjoy the White Rock Lake Sailboat Experience, which includes a ride on a 17-foot sailboat tailor-made for family and engagement portrait sessions.

Fort Worth Locations


Take a trip back to the old West at Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District. Featuring a twice-daily cattle drive, concerts, a weekly rodeo, and the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, this spot is ideal for clients who are proud of their Texas heritage. Endless rows of brick walls and buildings offer the perfect background for photo sessions. The rotation of events means that children will never be bored, and no two Stockyard photo sessions are ever the same.


This family-friendly railroad station offers a tour on an authentic 1920s-era vintage railroad. Children love the rails and the chance to ride a real train, making this an ideal spot for families concerned about energetic kids. The lighting at sunset is particularly lovely, casting timeless, elegant light over the rails.


The classic brick architecture of Ashton Depot makes for a timeless photoshoot. Its enchanting rounded doors are a favorite backdrop for artistic portrait shoots. And for people willing to consider the Depot for an event, the options for indoor photo sessions are practically intimate. With rich lighting, lots of windows, glorious chandeliers, and a decidedly elegant feel, the interior of Ashton Depot offers an interesting contrast to its exterior. *Note: This is a private venue that requires a fee and reservation for use.


The Fort Worth Botanic Garden boasts four seasons of flora and fauna. Its boardwalk offers perfect lighting for a portrait amid sweeping green landscapes, as well as stunning architecture. Check out the cactus garden for stark contrasts and muted hues, or visit the award-winning orchid collection. If there’s a gardener in your family, the backyard vegetable garden providers the perfect setting for a family shoot–complete with a delightful yellow cottage in the background.


The Museum District offers an unparalleled opportunity to view a wide variety of museums–as well as almost the entire history of art–in a single location. At night, the District glows with rows of street lights and an elegantly lit bridge. During the day, the Museum District’s wide variety of architecture–ranging from glass buildings to brick facades–inspires creative portrait sessions that capture exactly who you are. The Fort Worth Zoo and Fort Worth Botanic Gardens are nearby, for those interested in a more extensive session that encompasses a wide variety of settings.

Gittings Photographers Know the Best Spots

The truth is, there are dozens upon dozens of beautiful portrait locations throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area. As discussed above, the perfect spot is one that meets the criteria for a good portrait while at the same time speaking to your own personality and history.

Gittings photographers have over 90 years of portrait experience in Dallas, Fort Worth, and beyond to draw upon. We know how to find locations that elevate portraits beyond a placeholder on your wall—our pieces become heirlooms that are handed down from generation to generation.

Contact us today to speak with one of our expert photographers who each have their own list of favorites. Not only will we help you pick the perfect place for a portrait in Dallas or Fort Worth, we’ll take every detail into consideration to ensure you have your own work of art.

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