A Message About COVID-19

COVID-19 is now affecting all of us in ways that we could not have imagined even a week ago. We all are doing our best to stay upbeat, and healthy, be there for our families, and be as productive as possible working from home.

Knowing that most everyone has a desire to keep business moving forward as much as possible, we have designed ways to be smart about it. Because Gittings is a professional photography agency, we have more than 100 talented photographers who live in major cities around the world. With the COVID-19 travel bans and concerns, the safety and security of your law firm personnel are paramount to us. If there are no shelter-in-place orders or they are lifted, our team doesn’t need to fly to keep your portrait photography for your website and new laterals moving forward – you’ll have the same consistency from office to office and the ability to easily and confidently manage it all from your home office.

For the safety of everyone, our photographers will do the following:

Greetings: Photographers will not shake hands or have any physical contact with the lawyer. They will maintain a six-foot distance from the lawyer.

Clothing/Hair Adjustments: Whenever the photographers notice an adjustment that should be made to the lawyer’s hair or clothing, they will suggest the adjustment but not approach the subject to help make the change.

Mirrors: Whenever possible, the photographers will have a disinfected travel mirror set up for the lawyer to make adjustments to hair and clothing. If photographers aren’t able to provide a mirror during the photo shoot, we will discuss this with you so that you may provide one.

Hand Sanitizer: All photographers will use hand sanitizer after each portrait session. Many of our client’s offices already have hand sanitizer in their conference rooms – please continue to make them available for your lawyers’ use after the sessions.

Proof Review: As you know, the lawyers review proofs immediately after the session, which usually necessitates both the photographer and subject being near a laptop. We recommend the following alternative: We ask that the firm provide a computer screen (minimum of 21”) with an HDMI connection. The photographers can connect their laptops to the screen and maintain a proper distance during the review process.

Finally, we know it’s not a “business as usual” period for anyone. But, if we can help boost your productivity in some small way, and help you keep a project moving forward, we are here for you. Please contact us to brainstorm with you about your most immediate needs.

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