Behind the Scenes Video with Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Project: New Website Launch

Client: Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Scope: Photographed more than 900 lawyers in 10 U.S. and five international offices — including Melbourne, Sydney, Hong Kong, London, and Shanghai.

The project lasted approximately 40 photography days.

A unique aspect of this project: There were a few challenging aspects from the logistics standpoint. In addition to their new website, Seyfarth was also undertaking an overall brand refresh which called for a new professional photography perspective. The portraits had to support this new brand direction and a key element of the new photography was a consistent white background.

Gittings photographed each lawyer on a white background and later clipped each person out in order to drop in a perfectly consistent background. We also prescribed a consistent light direction for each lawyer which helped create a more cohesive feel to all portraits.

Our client said: “Barry and his team made a daunting task easy and seamless. Their use of technology to coordinate appointments and their network of trained photographers allowed us to complete the project quickly, efficiently, and consistently.”

Seyfarth Shaw LLP put together a behind-the-scenes video. Check it out below!

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