Custom Stock Image Library for Law Firms

Your lawyer bio pages should feature high-quality headshots that give your team an experienced, approachable, and cohesive look. However, these headshots should not be the only photography used on your website or marketing collateral.

Some law firms chose to supplement their headshots with generic photos of an empty courtroom or a law-related prop like a gavel, but these images lack creativity and can come across as uninviting.

Firms may also be tempted to use a stock image site like iStock as a way to find a variety of interactive shots that fit their website design, but many state bar associations have rules that law firms cannot show photos of people on their website if that person does not work for the firm.

The solution is to hire a Legal Portrait Agency to create a custom stock image library filled with photos of your actual lawyers.

What is a Stock Image Library?

A stock image library is a collection of staged photographs that can be used for a variety of purposes. It involves a lot more than taking pictures of your lawyers as they go about their day. And it’s not something that can be put together overnight.

As Your Global Photography Partner, Gittings will strategically create a custom library for your law firm based on your desired look and the layout your website. Each image will serve a purpose, be of the highest quality, and be saved in your preferred file format for easy access.

Updated and Secure Photos

To create a volume of images you can pull from as needed, we will typically update your law firm’s stock image library on an annual basis. This allows us to incorporate images of your newest lawyers and replace images featuring lawyers who are no longer at the firm.

While this update occurs, you’ll still have access to all of your custom stock photography by logging into your secure account with us. You can also save every image to your own digital asset system for added convenience.

Trust the Legal Photography Experts

It takes planning and skill to create a custom stock image library for law firms that fits the look they’re after.

As a professional agency, we’ve spent decades fine-tuning our legal portrait services and feel confident in our ability to help law firms with thousands of employees and multiple offices around the world.

Take a look at our Stock Image Portfolio and Contact Us to learn more.

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