Don’t Skip This Step Before a New Web Design for Your Law Firm

Law firm web design projects can feel both daunting and exciting. You may be eager to see your new website, but overwhelmed by the price, by choosing a designer, and by endless design tweaks. You may reach a point where you throw up your hands and hope for the best. Resist the temptation.

Law firm web design is the most important thing you can do to attract new customers. Today’s consumers of legal services do lots of research before hiring, or even calling a lawyer. They want to know who you are, how you think, what you value. A well-done website conveys this vital information in a way that sets you apart from the competition. Without quality images, though, even the best website becomes virtually worthless–and may even be a deterrent to new customers.

Quality Images: The Key to Successful Law Firm Websites

People are drawn in by visual images. They don’t want to read long blocks of texts, or search for the information they need. Instead, they glean most of their information from images and simple text.

You may have even already heard that studies show the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text! So if your website lacks compelling visual content, most people will navigate away from the site before reading a single word.

Images tell a story. They capture your firm’s culture and ethos in a way that web copy simply cannot. They show who you are. They help potential clients relate to you. They can compensate for a host of other website shortcomings, too. Given that most consumers won’t spend time reading web copy, quality images are more important than virtually any other design component.

Don’t skip this important step when planning a new website for your law firm!

Why Bad Images are Worse Than No Images at All

Think you can slap a few stock photos on your website and get back to the work of writing web copy and designing headers? Think again. Stock photos may be losing you business, and are potentially more harmful than having no images at all.

Bad images undermine credibility. They may also alienate potential clients by:

  • Presenting a generic image that suggests you don’t care about your website or don’t have the money to sink into a quality design.
  • Offering inaccurate information about who you are, where you work, and how you work.
  • Failing to make a personal connection with would-be clients.
  • Creating inconsistent branding, or even undermining your brand.

Stock photos are easy. So too are a few cheaply shot images that you take yourself or get from a novice photographer. Yet these images can ultimately end up costing you far more than they save. You may never know how many potential clients a website that lacks quality images has chased away. But your competitors will gladly benefit from the excess of clients, and step in to fill the void you create.

Quality Imagery: Always a Great Value

Why is quality photography more expensive? The answer to that is one every lawyer understands: you’re paying for training, for experience, for skill, and for quality. Quality images take years of training to perfect. They also demand time–planning, editing, processing, and more. So you should expect to pay a little more, just as your clients expect to pay you more than a novice or unskilled lawyer.

The investment may offer a significant return. You’ll have access to more clients and to better clients. Your reputation may improve and spread. You may find yourself making more money.

That’s a great return on a small investment, and it’s a return that keeps on giving.

What Makes a Good Image?

So what makes a good image anyway? Good photos are clear and crisp. They’re well lit and capture their subjects in an attractive fashion. Beyond these photography basics, a good image is somewhat subjective. The answer varies from firm to firm. That’s why you need to hire a skilled photographer. Good photography is truly personal, accurately depicting your firm in a flattering light that draws attention.

Some hallmarks of quality images include:

  • They are not generic. They tell a story that is uniquely you.
  • They aren’t cliched. You’re not making contrived faces or posed in awkward positions.
  • They show clients why they should choose your firm. Do you boast massive diversity? A warm and compassionate approach? A safe place to talk about the pain of divorce?
  • Consistent branding. Good imagery should be consistent with your brand image. Indeed, in many cases, branding centers around quality imagery.
  • An image you can be proud of. Quality images accurately depict the way you look, but in the best possible light. A quality headshot should make you feel good about yourself, and confident in your professional image.

If you’re ready to see what quality images can bring to your marketing strategy, we can help. Gittings knows what works. Let us help you design a beautiful, effective law firm website that you’re proud to show to clients.

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