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Gittings is always excited about an opportunity to support fellow members of the Dallas arts community. Music and theater are also personal passions of many of our team members and Gittings has played an active role supporting the Dallas Opera (TDO) since the early 1990s.

Our relationship with TDO is built on an appreciation for two distinct forms of creating art through portraits and theatrical performances. We also support individuals who are committed to promoting and advancing the arts.

Dallas Opera Reportage

The growth of the Dallas Opera is tied to key individuals who are committed to an engaging experience for each TDO patron.

One such individual is Lynn McBee, who is one of the most active individuals in the Dallas community and serves on the Board of several organizations. Lynn and her husband, oil and gas executive Allan McBee, are champions of the arts in Dallas.

This year, Lynn was elected as the Board chairman of the Dallas Opera for the 2018-2019 season. Gittings is honored that our portrait of Lynn will be displayed in the president’s gallery at the main TDO office on Flora Street.

Gittings also had the opportunity to attend a welcome party at the home of Virginia and Bob Dupuy for new TDO CEO Ian Derrer. Mr. Derrer graduated from SMU and returns to Dallas to build on the opera’s long-term vision to create a one-of-a-kind experience for theater patrons.

When you attend the theater this season, you will see our portrait work in the Playbill. Gittings photographed each of the spotlight members for the Dallas Opera Playbill. These individuals were selected by TDO for their considerable contributions to support the growth of the vibrant Dallas Opera.

We appreciated the opportunity to capture these generous and dedicated individuals who are contributing to another successful season of first-class performances.

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