Gittings Involved – Houston (2018 Men of Distinction)

Springtime in Houston is a busy time for Gittings. This past month we participated in two local events that honored a number of notable Houstonians, the 2018 Men of Distinction Luncheon and the Neiman Marcus Mother’s Day Portrait Exhibit.

The 2018 Men of Distinction – Luncheon

For the past 11 years, Gittings has had the privilege to create portraits of the Houston Men of Distinction. Each year we photograph the honorees individually, in their own stylistic preference, to be displayed at the annual luncheon. The collection continues to grow.

We are honored to highlight the unique accomplishments of each of these outstanding men in Houston. The 2018 luncheon made an impressive impact on the community by raising more than $325,000 – all of which was invested back into Houston’s medical community, specifically allocated for research in an effort to fight children’s diseases. They have raised over 4.5 Million dollars since the inception.

The 2018 Men of Distinction were as follows: Craig Biggio, Rufus Cormier, Jim McIngvale (Mattress Mack), David Poplack, M.D.

Neiman Marcus Mother’s Day Installation

Gittings celebrated Mother’s Day by collaborating with Neiman Marcus and David Brown Flowers to create a worthy installation that honored a group of deserving mothers in the Houston area.

The fourteen 2018 honorees included: Laura McNear, Jennifer Allison, Anne Carl, Pamela Wright, Jennifer VanMatre, Laura Henson with Randy Powers, Franci Neely, Sheridan Williams, Laura Bhatia, Cynthia Ernyey, Maria Morales, Nandita Berry, Theresa Roemer & Kalynn Swinbank.

Each unique portrait highlighted the families alongside one-of-a-kind flower arrangements created by David Brown Flowers.

The portrait collection was displayed at the Neiman Marcus in the Galleria from May 4th-May 14th.

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