Gittings Global Starts International Project with Bracewell

Greg Lorfing, CEO and Creative Director for Gittings Global, recently embarked on a trip to Germany and United Arab Emirates (UAE) to launch a firm-wide photo shoot for Bracewell, a leading law and government relations firm.

“The style of photography Bracewell chose is somewhat different than what we’ve worked on with other clients, so I felt it was beneficial to ensure our global photographers were well prepared at the beginning of our detailed process,” says Greg.

“To ensure our trademark of high quality and consistency portrait projects, our leadership team is committed to providing ongoing coaching and training to our global team of photographers,” finishes Greg.

Greg met with local Gittings Global photographers in Frankfurt and Dubai to provide the specific focus and direction necessary to keep them in line with our client’s unique photography requirements.

On the trip, Greg also made a stop in the United Kingdom where he met with two web development agencies, Headscape and Living Group, both of whom Gittings Global has worked with on multiple projects.

Fostering relationships with international branding agencies helps Gittings Global obtain more projects originating outside of the United States which allows us to continue growing building relationships with global law firm clients.

When you partner with Gittings Global, you’ll receive a concierge-level legal photography service including a dedicated Project Manager to handle all communication and coordination of project details.

For high quality law firm portraits and a professional experience, Contact Gittings Global: Your Global Photography Partner!

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