Growing up with Gittings

A Storybook of Youth

Do you catch yourself looking at your grown children or grandchildren, thinking about that once-little girl who wouldn’t go anywhere without her favorite doll? Or remembering that preteen boy whose focus was purely baseball?

Showcasing Personality

Capturing the delight of these stages of childhood is exactly why Gittings offers The Birthday Club. Members receive a beautiful storybook of a child’s youth. Annual portraits from age 1 to 18 are expertly mounted in a customized leather-bound photo album to be cherished by generations. Prior to each session, Gittings’ photographers work with you to discuss new milestones, activities or an aspect of your child’s life that showcases his or her personality and interests that year.

Hoff 3 Yr OldHoff 15 Yr

An Unforgettable Timeline

“The Birthday Club is a very special program for our clients as well as our staff,” said Rick Bettinger, President and Owner of Gittings North Texas. “We feel connected to these children and their families as we watch them grow from toddlers to young adults, and we take pride in helping tell the story of their childhood through portrait photography.”

For Alana and David Nowell—longtime friends of Gittings—The Birthday Club offers tangible memories of the individuality of each of their 10 grandchildren. Check out the video above to see the creative way they cherish each portrait in their home.

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