3 Simple Tips to Look Great in Your Attorney Portrait

Your lawyer portrait is one of the first elements potential clients view. And they often use subtle cues like your facial expression, clothing choice, and background style to determine if you’re the right fit for them.

To help lawyers put their best foot forward, active Legal Marketing Association (LMA) member and trusted global photography partner, Gittings has assembled the following advice.


A smile doesn’t scream dominant or powerful like a stern expression can, but it does shout friendly and approachable which helps potential clients feel comfortable sharing critical information with you.

Encourage an initial dialogue with potential customers by abandoning the stern look and adding a smile to your lawyer portrait.

Dress Appropriately

Many lawyers think they should wear their best outfit to a professional photo shoot, but for a more authentic look it’s better to wear clothing you feel confident in and would actually wear to a new client meeting.

For the best results, this outfit should not have distracting patterns, be too revealing, or clash with the chosen background.

Choose Your Background Carefully

You can take an lawyer portrait with an interior, studio, or window background, but please don’t use a generic bookshelf or fireplace as your backdrop. Not only does this make you look outdated, but it’s a missed opportunity to stand out.

Window and interior environments highlight unique aspects of your office, and contemporary studio style backgrounds (not like your high school grad photo) zero the focus in on you. Choose a style that reflects your character and compliments and supports your brand.

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