The New Gittings Client Portal is Live!

For the past few months, we have been working on creating a new client portal and we are excited to announce that it is now live!

The client portal is an important addition to our website and we are thrilled with the functionality that it will bring our clients. The portal is attached to our website, making the Gittings site the one-stop shop for our client needs!

So what benefits can our clients expect from the new online portal?

The Client Portal Makes Your Life Easier

The Gittings client portal will become an important tool for our clients. It will now be easier than ever before for our clients to access important files and information on the new online platform.

Our password-protected client portal will serve as a digital photo archive for past, present, and future photography. The Gittings digital photo archive dates back to 2010 and will continue to store photographs from any future photoshoots. If you would like to access any photos that were taken prior to 2010, your designated account manager can help you order them. The Gittings archive has stored and preserved close to 90 years of history.

Clients also now have access to their past and present billing information and have the ability to pay invoices through our new client portal.

How an Online Client Portal Helps You

At Gittings, we are determined to make digital photo access and organization as easy as possible for our clients. After every photoshoot, we digitally archive and backup the final photographs and organize them for each client.

While many law firms have a digital organization system in place for their lawyer portraits and legal photography, having a backup is incredibly important. This is especially critical for larger firms that have to keep track of more photos and information. There is a greater risk that photos might be incorrectly organized or lost with large law firms.

After each photograph is cropped and retouched to your specifications, we will add the finalized images to your digital photo archive. We will follow the file formatting and naming sequence that works best for your law firm and will even optimize your images for better SEO and website performance. That way, you won’t have to worry about how you should organize the photos – you have enough to worry about!

We chose to connect the online portal to our website to give our clients one less thing to remember. Clients can now simply go to the Gittings website for their professional photography needs.

We invest time in maintaining a secure storage environment so that our clients’ materials are accessible for as long as they are needed.

Contact Us To Get Started

Partner with Gittings today for your photography needs! Contact us for more information on how we can bring your creative vision to life. Each client will be assigned their own Account Manager to handle their legal photography needs. We would love to discuss how we can become your legal photography partner.

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