How to Plan The Perfect Photoshoot for Your Law Firm

Attorney portraits are often the most viewed and scrutinized content on a law firm’s website, so it’s necessary for them to be high quality, current, and consistent throughout your firm.

To help you capture these critical portraits, our global photography agency has assembled the following advice.

Know Your Scope

The number of offices and lawyers your law firm has will determine the best course of action for effectively completing a legal portrait project.

If your law firm has multiple offices, then it’s a wise strategy to partner with a professional photography agency that has the tools and expertise to assist you.

At Gittings we not only employ a network of skilled photographers in most major cities worldwide, but we also train them to follow our detailed process for capturing high-quality and consistent portraits.

Be Wary of Freelance Photographers

It may seem cost-effective to hire a local freelance photographer for each of your locations, but is it worth your time and the risk?

Aside from having to locate photographers near your offices, schedule appointments, and negotiate pay, using individual freelance photographers in each market makes it almost impossible to achieve a consistent look.

Most laws firms choose Gittings over freelance photographers because we provide a single point of contact throughout the entire process, have global coverage, and have personal interests to make every project a success.

Schedule a Pilot Session with Gittings

We’ve spent decades going above and beyond for law firms. One of the first things your dedicated account manager will do is set up a pilot session to show you how your design concept will look using your actual lawyers in your actual locations.

Once the desired look is achieved, Gittings will create a photo specification guideline that documents the ideal lens choice, lighting position, framing, and cropping required to deliver a high-quality and consistent look across all of your locations.

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