How to Pick a Legal Headshot Photographer

Choosing the right photographer for your law firm is as important of a decision as corporate image in the legal field. It’s imperative to find the right fit for your brand. There are certain things that you should look out for when choosing a legal headshot photographer. Here are some key things to consider:

What You Should Look For

When shopping for a photographer for your law firm, you need to look for a professional with the right experience. The photographer or photography agency that you choose should have a diverse portfolio of executive headshots. There are many photographers out there that take similar photos for every law firm. It’s important to find a photographer that will give your firm a unique look that fits your branding.

How a Photography Agency Compares to a Freelance Photographer

Depending on your law firm size and your needs, you can go with a freelance photographer or a photography agency. Larger firms will benefit more from an agency compared to a freelance photographer because photoshoots for large firms are more complicated than smaller firms.

For large firms with multiple locations, it will take longer to get the final photographs in the end if a freelance photographer is used. Typically, freelancers work alone and will have to take the photographs, travel to each location and edit and retouch the photographs by themselves. Freelance photographers can also be somewhat unavailable when it comes to urgent requests because they might be on a shoot and unable to respond via phone or email.

With a photography agency, there will be a larger team to help expedite the legal photography process. Photography agencies have more than one photographer and additional team members to help with editing and retouching. Agencies typically have a process in place to make sure that the photography is all consistent throughout multiple locations, so multiple photographers can be deployed to the different locations to make the photoshoot process simple and easy for each branch.

What Gittings Can Do For You

Over the past 90 years, Gittings has built a reputation as an industry leader in legal headshot photography. At Gittings we provide legal photography services to law firms by recruiting experienced executive photographers and training them to follow our detailed time-tested process.

The Gittings team will be able to handle your photography needs, whether your firm is large or small. We have a large network of photographers spanning the globe with photographers in 48 major U.S. cities and 15 countries throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Our team is not only experienced in taking professional legal headshots, but they are also experts in directing their subjects so that they look their best in their portraits.

Our process is designed to make the photoshoot process easy for your team. We will give your team ample time options so that they can select a date and time that best fits their schedule and workload.

We offer a wide range of styling options and will work with your team to find the best look for your legal headshots. Your portraits should follow your brand standards, and we will set up a pilot session so that we can settle on a style that is best for your law firm.

Gittings is the photography agency that can help you bring your professional legal headshot vision to life. Contact Gittings today to hear more about our available services.

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