Strong Business Headshots are Key in These Times

The adage is true, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. And in today’s virtual world, your web presence and business headshot is most often the first introduction a potential client has to your organization.

While many things have changed over the past year, some things remain the same – your web presence reflects your company. It is here that prospective clients and employees go to gather an impression of your firm and your professionals. Keeping your website consistent with updated and professional portraits that showcase your people. This allows clients to connect more personally with your firm and begin to build trust in your services.

As we start to move forward, this is a good time to review and update your business headshots on your website or marketing materials. Have new you hired new professionals and need to add headshots to keep your website updated and consistent? Do you need new group shots of executives?

We have been working with clients to create new procedures and methods that deliver what you need. Our Covid procedures now utilize a second screen for professionals to review their portraits at a distance from our photographer. We are shooting individual people in poses, which are later developed into a composite group portrait. And we have trained our photographers to follow cleaning and distance rules to ensure safety for everyone.

We are ready to help you in this new “normal” get back to business. Our years of experience in business headshots and our team of professional photographers stand ready to assist you in developing a plan to ensure you make a great first impression.

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