The Value of a Digital Library for Your Attorney Portraits

For firms with thousands of lawyers in multiple offices around the world, capturing, organizing, and storing up-to-date lawyer portraits can be a daunting task. After a company-wide photoshoot, things can get complicated.

Larger firms are often at an even greater risk for misplacing digital files due to the sheer number of files that need to be saved and organized. The last thing you want your team to worry about is where the photos are stored and how they will be organized.

Thankfully, Gittings is experienced at capturing premium lawyer portraits and custom photo libraries; and will store them indefinitely in a personal, cloud-based account for your added convenience. Plus, we have a global team that can create brand consistency across international firms.

What’s the Role of a Digital Library?

A digital photo library, often referred to as a photo archive, performs two essential functions. First, it serves as a platform to view and download final cropped and retouched lawyer portraits from your global photography partner. Second, it serves as an additional backup to your firm’s internal storage process.

We understand that you likely already have an internal process for storing files. However, things can happen! A backup system will offer protection over your investment. Additionally, quality image files are large and take up a significant amount of storage space. Keeping a portion of your less-frequently used files off your server will help free up room for more pressing day-to-day needs.

With Gittings as your partner, all of your lawyer portraits will be saved in our secure, cloud-based Client Portal using your preferred file format.

How Should Attorney Portraits Be Organized?

Attorney portraits can be organized in multiple ways depending on your firm’s preferences. Our primary objective is for this portal to create utility for your firm. Here are some common methods our clients use to organize their lawyer portraits:

  • Date and location: This is the most common method and is particularly useful if you have a large staff with locations across the globe.
  • Alphabetical: This method can be useful if your individual lawyers receive a great deal of publicity and you need regular, easy access to their portraits.

We can even follow a file format that’s unique to your firm. There’s no wrong answer. Again, we’re here to help and ensure that this critical aspect of your firm’s brand creates the least amount of headaches possible.

What Assistance Can Gittings Provide?

Your brand and the visual impression that your firm’s website leaves on prospective clients is not an area to take risks. Rest assured that when you partner with Gittings your brand is in the best possible hands. Our global team of legal photographers manage photo shoots to ensure the finished product is aligned to your design concepts and the level of quality you can expect from 85 years of experience.

Attention to detail is of the utmost importance to us. The lawyer portraits are uploaded to your personal digital library as our editing team works to crop, retouch, and finalize the collection.

Clients can access these portraits in real-time to examine the quality and maintain control over the process.

This library is a living archive that we can update together. As your team grows, Gittings will help you maintain that brand consistency within your new legal portraits and update your files according to your storage preferences.

Overall, we want to make it easy on our clients to obtain and access high-quality lawyer portraits by following a detailed process that includes saving images in our digital library.

Contact Gittings to get started!

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