Navigating Portraits in 2020 Without 20/20

It might be 2020, but we don’t expect you to have 20/20 vision. That’s why when our photography subjects are hesitant to wear their glasses, we laugh. Not because they have bad vision, but because we have solutions to any glass-glare fears they might have. Don’t believe us? Check out this before and after.

Two Portraits Of The Same Guy; Before And After

Glass glare is a pain, but thanks to our creatives, we offer guaranteed relief.

Now that we’ve shown you that our editors can work some serious magic in post-production, let’s give you a few more reasons to keep your glasses on.

Glasses Are More Common Than You Might Think

The Seattle Times cited research that estimates more than 1 billion people around the world need glasses but don’t have them. In America alone, approximately 64% of adults wear glasses according to the Vision Council of America. By keeping your glasses on, you’re representing that majority.

They Can Make You Look Smarter

Does it matter to prospective clients if you’re wearing glasses? Maybe not, but there is science behind the subconscious message that wearing glasses sends. According to Psychology Today, people with glasses seemingly look like they read more and are therefore perceived as more intelligent. Our latest downloadable talked about how buyers of legal services make emotional decisions, and what better emotion than one of trust? Clients are more likely to hire you if they trust you to do the best job for them. Your experience lands you on the shortlist, and when you combine a strong professional portrait with a powerful bio, it can help land you new business.

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They Add to Your Authenticity

Your professional headshot should speak to your personality and reflect a true representation of yourself. If you always wear your glasses, keep them on for your portrait! It’ll help prospective clients easily recognize you during that first meeting. Wearing glasses can also showcase your studiousness and allude to your expertise. Paired with the right expression, glasses can help portray that you’re a serious lawyer. Pair unique or colorful glasses with your favorite outfit and the glasses can highlight your sense of fashion.

Whether you wear glasses or contacts, know that Gittings has the tools and talent to make you look good. Contact Barry Benton at to talk about your next photoshoot.

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