You Are What You Wear

Casual dress has become the norm for most businesses now, including many law firms. When it comes to office attire, lawyers are starting to “loosen their ties” a bit, opting for business casual for days in the office. But for court appearances and deal closings, many lawyers still pull out the fully buttoned-up suit and tie.  Women have more options than easy crossover from casual to client-ready – a summer dress can quickly convert to business attire with the addition of a blazer. With all the different office dress codes and standards, how do you decide what to wear for a professional headshot?

Dress to Impress

A lawyer’s portrait aims to make a striking first impression. Regardless of firm policy and day-to-day wardrobe choices, the lawyers’ headshots should mesh with how they usually dress for the first meeting with a client or prospective client.

Embody Your Brand

Branding is one of the most important elements of marketing. Every law firm wants to position itself in a unique way to the outside world and legal marketers spend a great deal of time strategizing ways to enhance and communicate the firm’s brand. Portrait photography is one more opportunity to convey your brand message. Consider the full range of wardrobe options and create a custom set of guidelines for your lawyers to follow that will best support the firm’s brand.

Consistent Inconsistency

Before a big portrait project, spend time developing these clear wardrobe guidelines so that everyone understands the image you are trying to achieve. There’s an art to achieving a harmonious look among individual personalities. You want to strike a balance between overall firm branding and each lawyer’s personal expression. This can be achieved by picking one or more brand accent colors for ties, scarves, or other accessories. Some firms dictate strict wardrobe compliance in headshots, with everyone in dark suits while others opt for “less is more” in guidelines, allowing lawyers more freedom to choose their own look with minimal guidelines.

Ask the Experts

Consult with your branding agency, website designer, and photography team for creative input on what style of headshot will work best with your overall design and style. Planning a firm photoshoot is a big task, and we’re here to help! Let Gittings in on the creative process and we will elevate your firm’s brand one portrait at a time.

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