3 Characteristics of Quality Legal Portraits

In this digital age, everyone thinks that they can take high-quality photos with their personal cameras and cell phones. One place that these photos do not belong is on your firm website and team page. It is incredibly important for client-facing industries such as law firms to invest in quality corporate portraits by hiring an experienced photography agency.

Law firm team pages are the second most trafficked page next to the homepage—so it’s clear that potential clients want to know who your lawyers are and what they look like. While today’s personal cameras are of higher quality than ever before, an experienced photography agency will produce the best possible legal portraits for your website and marketing materials.

So what are the characteristics that make quality lawyer portraits?

Style Your Legal Portraits Appropriately

Appropriately styled lawyer portraits can convey the right impression to potential clients. Here are a few ways that you can ensure that your portraits are styled appropriately.

Expression: The expression shown in your lawyer portraits can tell potential clients a lot about your team. There is a common misconception that lawyers should look very serious in their legal portraits. However, depending upon your specialization, this is not always the case. Many potential clients favor softer expressions that make your lawyers appear more approachable, whereas stern expressions could give the opposite impression.

Confidence: It is also important for lawyers to appear confident in their portraits. This is something subtle that potential clients will pick up on.

Background: The background can make or break a lawyer’s portrait. When taking quality legal portraits, choosing a background is important because it cannot distract from the subject in any way. The lawyer is the focal point, anything that can draw their eye away from that should be reconsidered. At the same time, the background should highlight and enhance the photo by making the portrait more visually appealing. Experienced photography agencies will be able to help you find the perfect background style for your lawyer portraits and brand. There are many background styling options to choose from, but the styling should also fall in line with your branding.

Adhere To Your Brand Standards

Everything associated with your law firm should follow your brand standards, and that includes your lawyer portraits. Your legal portraits should have the same look and feel as the rest of your branding. This can be achieved with stylistic touches and your choice of background.

Just because a background looks good in a photo, doesn’t mean that it will match your branding. Take your website design and office look and decor into consideration when thinking about your portrait background options.

Consistency is Key

Consistency is key when it comes to legal portraits for large, multi-office law firms. Subtle visual cues can be the difference between looking like a powerhouse international law firm and a local boutique shop.

If you hire different photographers in each city where you have an office, there will be a disconnect and your law firm will look disjointed. Hiring a global photography agency will eliminate this potential problem because agencies have processes in place to ensure consistency across multiple locations.

Gittings is The Global Photography Solution

For over 90 years, Gittings has been the Global Photography Solution in the legal industry. Our team will work with you to create unique, consistent legal portraits that match your brand standards. Contact us today to discuss your ideas for your new quality lawyer portraits!

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