5 Important Milestones Worth Capturing With Children’s Portraits

The nights may be long–some even more than others–but the years are painfully short. It’s a saying almost every parent has heard. Each stage of your child’s development marks a moment in time that you’ll never witness again. That newborn who nuzzles your neck will soon be hitting home runs out of the park. The toddler who stumbles over her first steps will soon be dancing a solo in the recital.

Every age brings its own challenges and triumphs. Every age matters. Photography is one of the best ways to capture your child as they truly are. Quality photography memorializes the fleeting moments of life, giving you something tangible to help you remember this stage of life before it is gone.

Personal Portrait photography is an heirloom that stands the test of time. It may be passed down across generations, to be cherished and preserved by descendants you may never know. It puts a face to the stories your family will tell and allows your most cherished memories to echo through time.

When to Schedule Children’s Portraits

Capturing the following milestones will help you capture your child at some of life’s biggest moments.


Maternity portraits capture your family on the precipice of becoming something new. They show your joy in bringing life while preserving your childhood memory of who their parents once were, before they came along. We recommend scheduling a maternity session for late in the second trimester or early in the third.

Maternity portraits are especially lovely as part of an album that showcases the history of your child — a portrait of your wedding, a maternity session, and a newborn collection. Especially when families have tried for many years to have a child, maternity portrait sessions are an absolute must.


There’s nothing quite like a newborn baby to fawn over. The newborn period is like nothing else–a sleepless, overwhelming bath of love. Capture your baby’s earliest moments with high-quality newborn portraits that capture the essence of this new life. Consider bringing the family into the session so your child will one day be able to see how very loved they were right from the beginning.


First birthday portraits mark an important milestone in your child’s life that you will not want to forget. Gittings has a special way to commemorate your child’s birthday called the Birthday Club. Add to your first birthday portrait each year with a special birthday session and build an album of memories. As children grow, their hobbies and interests change. Capture them in their current element through an annual portrait. Contact us today to learn more about the Club.


Consider picking an annual milestone to commemorate. Over time, you’ll accumulate a collection of portraits that show your family changing and growing. Consider the poignancy of a couple at a pumpkin patch, then one baby, then a baby and a toddler, and then finally, an older couple and two adults.

Some options to consider for annual milestones include:


What’s your family’s most important tradition? Do you have an annual reunion? A much-beloved family trip? Or some other milestone event everyone looks forward to? Consider taking portraits at your most important annual family events. Or plan a portrait session for life’s big events, including:

  • Baptisms and christenings
  • Graduations–even from preschool
  • Getting Married
  • Major achievements, such as getting into college or winning the spelling bee


We believe a picture can tell a story that words just can’t. We know how to tell your story in a true way to you, which will be treasured for generations to come. So let us work with you to craft the perfect children’s portrait session. Click here to view our gallery of children’s portraits. Make your family’s story count.

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