Our Commitment to Outstanding Attorney Portraits

Your law firm deserves a global photography partner capable of capturing the essence of your brand and positioning your team in the best light possible.

At Gittings , we provide the lawyer portrait service law firms need by recruiting friendly and experienced corporate photographers and training them to follow our detailed process.

It Starts With Our Team

Our team of skilled photographers in 48 major U.S cities and 15 countries throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East are not only experienced at taking lawyer portraits, but they’re also experts in directing their subjects on how to look their best in portraits.

We know clients are more receptive to direction and look better in portraits when they’re relaxed and comfortable, so our photographers clearly communicate what’s going on and try to make genuine connections.

We also understand that portrait day is not always looked forward to by busy lawyers, so we make it easy to schedule sessions online and send an informative reminder emails to help everyone prepare.

It’s Supported By Our Process

Attorney portraits should be created in a manner consistent with your corporate brand and messaging. These portraits will subtly reinforce your company’s culture, so it’s beneficial to work with a professional agency who learns your essence and is capable of capturing that in lawyer portraits and the firm’s photo library.

From pilot day sessions where we turn design concepts into reality, to sending final portrait files in preferred formats, all of our steps are clearly outlined and strictly followed.

Simply put, you get peace-of-mind knowing our team is taking care of your important photography project using the method we’ve built our name on.

It’s Carried By Our Reputation

Gittings is proud to have an over 95 percent retention rate, a portfolio full of high-quality images and testimonials for some of the top firms in the world.

Connect with us to elevate your law firm’s image today.

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