Why Law Firms Choose Gittings Over Freelance Photographers

Potential clients often select their representation after viewing lawyer bio pages. If your law firm’s website doesn’t feature high-quality headshots that give your lawyers an experienced, approachable, and unified look, then you could be missing major opportunities.

Therefore, it’s critical to hire a legal photographer who can capture the exact look you’re after.

Most major law firms want a global photography partner who can provide top-notch service to multiple offices in a short period of time. Other firms are tempted by what may be a cheaper option, working with a freelancer.

Which one sounds better to you?

A Local Freelance Photographer

A freelancer may have the expertise and equipment to achieve something close to your mood boards, but will likely require your assistance with scheduling the photo shoots. This task can take a large about of time that most firms don’t have.

As a photographer, editor, and account manager, a freelancer will also be pulled in multiple directions throughout the day which limits the number of portraits they can complete.

If your firm has a large number of lawyers or more than one location, it could take a while for these critical lawyer bio pages to be updated. As a result, you may decide to hire multiple freelancers to speed up the process, but then any consistency goes out the window.

Simply put, a freelance photographer could be a cost-effective option for a small firm with one location, but major firms should stick to the experts.

The Gittings Process

To provide peace of mind and handle communication, timelines, and logistics for every photo shoot across all of your law firm’s locations, we start by assigning a dedicated account manager.

This individual will set up a pilot photography session where an expert photographer will show you how your design concept will look using portraits of your own lawyers.

Once you’re satisfied, we’ll set up an online scheduling platform that allows your lawyers to select the 15-minute window that best fits their schedule. We will also share tips on how to prepare for a photo shoot and send a follow-up reminder email.

When it’s time for the scheduled photo shoots, Gittings will remotely monitor our expert photographer in real time to ensure every portrait aligns with the standards set during the pilot session.

While portraits are being taken, they’re securely cataloged along with any retouching feedback so a separate team can make the necessary edits. Each final portrait is then cropped to the correct sizes, files are named according to your preference, and archived in our cloud-based client portal.

The Choice is Clear

Overall, our network of global photographers in 22 U.S cities and 15 countries throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East are trained to follow an end-to-end process to provide high quality and consistent legal portraiture to firms with multiple offices.

Gittings is also an active member of the Legal Marketing Association with an extensive history of providing legal portraiture to some of the world’s top law firms.

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