Recap: 2020 Photographer’s Conference

To kick off the new year, we gathered with 27 of our photographers in Austin, TX for our Gittings Global Photographer’s Conference. In two days, we covered topics like portrait consistency, diversity and sensitivity, Gittings Global operations, marketing and business development.

With a large network of photographers comes different styles, talents, opinions and cultures. We recognize that and this year, we are committed to conducting company-wide sensitivity training and creating a code of conduct.

The weekend was a big success.

When asked about the event, Kat, one of our photographers said, “The Photographer’s Conference in Austin was so fun — it’s always great to meet other photographers and share our work.  Like all Gittings Global events, I felt respected, cared for, and definitely part of the team. I’m so proud to be a part of this top-notch international group of photographers.”

Check out some of our photos from the conference:

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