Will Your Legal Photography Be Outdated in 2018?

Keeping your legal photography updated is incredibly important for a number of reasons. Firstly, your lawyer portraits should be updated regularly because clients care about who is behind the business. Photos might look nice for a while, but after time, appearance can change, and clients will notice the difference.

How to Know If Your Legal Photography Outdated?

There are a number of things to think about when considering updating your lawyer portraits:

  • How old your current lawyer portraits? It is always in good practice to evaluate your present portraits at least once a year to make sure they don’t look dated.
  • Your Law Firm Branding: Has your law firm been rebranded in the past year? If your law firm has recently undergone a rebranding, your lawyer portraits might not fit with the new branding. Attorney portraits should be styled in a way that reflects your brand. Look closely at how they compare to your new website and consider how they would look with new styling.
    *One of our firms that we photographed in 2011 is getting a new website and we are taking all  new lawyer portraits in January.
  • Has your firm grown or merged with another firm? If so, you will want to reevaluate your current portraits and stock photos. It is especially important with mergers, because photography from two separate firms might not fit well together. If your law firm has added a new location, the lawyer portraits for each location should look cohesive and like you are part of the same firm.

If you have evaluated your current legal photography and believe that you need an update, these are the next steps.

The Next Steps

If you are ready for a photography refresh, the first thing to do is to start shopping for the right photographer for your firm.

Your law firm’s website and legal photography are investments that must be routinely updated. To make the most of this investment, we recommend partnering with a capable photography agency.

If you have a larger law firm with multiple locations, you will want to work with an experienced photography agency that can expertly provide cohesive, professional photography across all of your locations.

How Gittings Can Help

If you are looking for a reputable global photography agency, look no further. Gittings is a premiere photography agency with 90 years of professional, lawyer portrait and custom stock photography experience.

Our team will work with you and your team to define a unique styling look that follows your company brand guidelines. We offer a wide range of styling options and we will schedule an initial Pilot Session so that we can photograph some of your lawyers in different scenarios to find the best fit for your firm.

No matter which background styling you choose, Gittings has the experience to use the same styling and lighting consistently across all of your locations.

Contact us today to discuss your law firm photography ideas for your newly updated legal photography.

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